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Battlestar Galactica Volume 1 - Saga of a Star World Soundtrack [1978-2011]

In 1978, composer Stu Phillips began a season-long association with one of the most ambitious science-fiction epics to hit the television screen - Battlestar Galactica Starting with a lengthy pilot episode, Saga of a Star World, Philips would go on to score nearly all of the episodes. Some 33 years later, Intrada is launching a series of albums presenting all the music Philips composed for the show. For this first volume, Intrada presents Phillips' entire magnum opus for the pilot. Performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this massive score thunders vibrantly as cylons attack, humans flee on a seemingly futile journey, and every obstacle conceivable is thrown in their path. The score contains action, romance, pathos, and's everything a good old-fashioned science fiction score should be.

At the time of the show's airing, MCA records released a soundtrack which featured a rerecording of highlights from the score. And while a promo set from long ago features most of the pilot score in mono, this is the premiere release of the complete score in crisply detailed stereo from the original multi-track elements stored in the Universal vaults. Listeners will note a certain intensity in the playing here not found on the MCA recording, which provides a dynamic fresh sound to a familiar work. The CD includes the complete score, a full version of the Galactica theme (so popular it has performed in numerous concerts), and as an added bonus, the film version of the main title which features the theme specifically recorded for this edit and is unique only to the pilot.

Future volumes will feature the scores Phillips wrote for the rest of the series. While some episodes were recorded in multi-track stereo, others are in mono and Intrada will present these episodes complete in whatever format they were recorded, providing a definitive listen to one on of sci-fi's most important TV entries. But for now, at long last, Stu Phillips' epic work for Saga of a Star World makes its lonely quest to a shining planet, known as earth!

This release is limited to 3000 units.


01. Theme From Battlestar Galactica [01:11]
02. Exploration [03:35]
03. Launch [01:10]
04. Cylon Freighter [05:53]
05. End Of The Atlantia [02:07]
06. Imperious Leader [01:16]
07. Destruction Of Peace [03:38]
08. My God! [00:07]
09. Residue Of War [04:00]
10. Exodus One [01:36]
11. Boxey And Serbia [03:00]
12. Cylon Base Ship [01:21]
13. Extermination [01:33]
14. Suffering [01:55]
15. Cassiopeia And Starbuck [01:04]
16. Conspiracy Of Silence [00:16]
17. Boxey's Problem [01:26]
18. Uri - The Politician [00:31]
19. The Death Of Baltar [00:07]
20. Follow Me [00:12]
21. Senseless Killing [02:57]
22. Sex At Last [02:11]
23. The Ready Room [01:26]
24. Mines... Red Nova [02:36]
25. Arrival On Carillon [00:44]
26. Dark Shadows [01:34]
27. Outer Space Disco [02:36]
28. Captured [00:56]
29. Ovion Lyre [00:45]
30. Adama's Narrative [01:07]
31. Galactic Rock [02:53]
32. Elevator Trouble [01:09]
33. Contempt [01:00]
34. Missed Her Level [00:19]
35. Cubit Shuttle [03:35]
36. Escape From The Ovion Mines [03:51]
37. Dash To The Elevator [01:07]
38. Scramble To Safety [01:13]
39. Red And Blue - Purple And Orange [02:41]
40. 'Let's Go Home' [01:16]
The Extras
41. Exploration (TV Edit With Theme) [03:38]
42. Battlestar Galactica Bumper [00:12]


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