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The Kids Are All Right Soundtrack [2010]


The soundtrack to Lisa Cholodenko's Sundance hit "The Kids Are All Right" has been announced and it's a pretty great mix of current indie rock bands (MGMT, Deerhoof, CSS, Fever Ray) and classics (X, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Leon Russell). Some new photos have been released on the film's Facebook page too.


The picture centers on a brother and sister (newcomer Josh Hutcherson and Mia Wasikowska) set out to find their same-sex parents' sperm donor (Mark Ruffalo), who totally upsets their family dynamic once he enters their lives.


While Lisa Cholodenko may have never directed a perfect picture, considering how many truly interesting ones she's made with their own charms ("High Art," "Laurel Canyon"), she's due to eventually hit one out of the park. She's always managed to score great casts, which one must presume is on the strength of her scripts and 'Kids' boasts some strong players on top of Ruffalo and Wasikowska in Julianne Moore and Annette Bening (the same sex parents) so we're expecting her to finally fulfill her promise. And by the sounds of all the praise heaped upon the film, she's really come up roses.

01. The Youth - MGMT
02. Black Country Rock - David Bowie
03. Sundown Syndrome - Tame Impala
04. When I Grow Up - Fever Ray
05. Out In The Woods - Leon Russell
06. Milk Man - Deerhoof
07. The New World - X
08. Same High - Uh Huh Her
09. Win - David Bowie
10. Slippin' - Quadron
11. All I Want - Joni Mitchell
12. Knife - CSS
13. Blues Alley - Geology ft. Yukimi Nagano
14. Galatea's Guitar - Gabor Szabo
15. Good Lovin' - Betty Wright
16. Blue Cash - Deerhoof
17. Fortune - Little Dragon


The kids are all right theatrical one sheet

I Am Love Soundtrack [2010]


John Adams's music is featured prominently throughout I Am Love, the new film from Italian director Luca Guadagnino and star Tilda Swinton, both of whom have spoken frequently of having created the film with Adams's music in mind. Guadagnino has called it "a crucial emotional anchor" to his film. In addition to the centrality of Adams's music in the film, the soundtrack album itself showcases more than an hour of music from throughout the composer's career. In a review of the album from the BBC, critic Michael Quinn calls it "one of those rare soundtracks that merits—and rewards—repeated listening." Read his review at bbc.co.uk.


The Philadelphia Daily News gives the album an A-. "Soundtrack collectors," writes reviewer Jonathan Takiff, should "seek out John Adams's brilliant score for the art film I Am Love ... a serious Academy Award contender." Read more at philly.com.

The Miami Herald's Rene Rodriguez, in a film review posted in the San Jose Mercury News, says "I Am Love is the first film to use compositions by the great, Pulitzer Prize-winning John Adams (Nixon in China) as a score, and the symphonic, sometimes discordant music considerably adds to the grandness and sweep of what is essentially an intimate character study." Rodriguez writes: "Right from the opening credits, in which the titles fill the screen in curly script over snowy vistas of Milan in winter," set to Adams's The Chairman Dances (a musical precursor to Nixon in China), "you know I Am Love is going to be something special." Read more at mercurynews.com.



The Chicago Tribune says "You will fall for I Am Love." Tribune film critic Michael Phillips explains: "When you have an actress as fabulous and idiosyncratically compelling as Swinton, a director who knows how to move a camera and let a narrative breathe, and a composer as distinctive as Adams, you're handed, on a platter, a film whose texture and atmosphere and fragrances stay with you." Read the complete review at chicagotribune.com.


I Am Love is an Italian drama revolving around a woman (Tilda Swinton) and her relationship with her family, food and sex. The film is presented through grand, evocative imagery, not unlike last year’s A Single Man. Fair warning, the film is entirely in Italian, but if you can get past the subtitles, I Am Love is a beautiful film.

Track list
01. The Chairman Dances (Foxtrot For Orchestra)
02. Century Rolls: I. First Movement (Excerpt)
03. Lollapalooza
04. Shaker Loops: III. Loops And Verses
05. Shaker Loops: IV. A Final Shaking
06. Act II, Scene 2: Klinghoffer's Death (LP Version)
07. Fearful Symmetries (Excerpt)
08. Haarmonielehre: Part II The Anfortas Wound
09. Harmonielehre: Part III Meister Eckhardt And Quackie



Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Borrowers Arrietty Soundtrack [2010]


It is a reality for all Japanese (with luck) to see The Borrowers Arrietty (Karigurashi not Arrietty / 借り ぐらし の アリエッティ) in Japanese theaters on its open day with several challenges ahead, including Hiromasa Yonebayashi devote to the future as a director in the studio, keeping large numbers of recovery in recent years have accompanied all Ghibli productions and, most important for us fans: Get to a good movie.


Two long years have passed since it was released in their country of origin Ponyo on the cliff, the latest film from Studio Ghibli so far. The little girl-fish left behind to make way for the teenager but tiny Arrietty.

The film is based on the 1952 novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton, although it is an adaptation "very free" (something quite common in Ghibli). In fact, the original novel set in England in the 50s while the Yonebayashi Hiromasa film moves to modern Japan, particularly on the outskirts of Tokyo, on a secluded country house in Koganei.


Sho is a 12 year old patient who his parents decide to move for a while the quiet of the countryside. For this he is sent to live with her aunt Sadako and the curious charge of cleaning this, Haru. Sho has no idea what is under the house lives a family of tiny creatures found between the young Arrietty of 14 years.

These beings, human looking but only 10 centimeters tall, are dedicated to "borrow" the objects that humans have scattered around. Any object of little value to them is very useful. Whether a clothespin, a needle, a napkin ...


However, in a clandestine trips to get valuable ago Arrietty material is discovered by Sho. The curiosity of it by Arrietty is inevitable and slowly begin to approach their world despite the great differences between them.

Borrowers Arrietty is headed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, with only 37 years old is the youngest director who has directed a film by Studio Ghibli. The script is done by Hayao Miyazaki with the assistance of Keiko Miwa (Tales from Earthsea). Miyazaki himself is responsible for planning the project, which has undoubtedly served as a safety net for the beginner Yonebayashi.


According to producer Toshio Suzuki, Hayao Miyazaki thought this the right time in the history since the time of crisis we deserved to show an importance in respect to objects and being able to be provided instead of continually buying new acquisitions.

This a bit scare me when I think Hayao Miyazaki will not make any film under his name. All his friends at this age shall be retire or pass away.... But his film still the best right.


Cécile Corbel given her string talent and angel voice to perform a lovely soundtrack.

Track list
01. The Neglected Garden(荒れた庭)
02. Our House Below-Movie Version(床下の我が家)
03. Our House Below-Instrumental Version(床下の我が家)
04. The Doll House-Instrumental Version(ドールハウス)
05. Sho’s Lament-instrumental Version1(翔の悲しみ)
06. Arrietty’s Song-instrumental Version(Arrietty’s Song)
07. The Neglected Garden-Instrumental Version(荒れた庭)
08. Sho’s Waltz(翔のワルツ)
09. Spiller-Instrumental Version(スピラー)
10. Rain-Instrumental Version(雨)
11. The Wild Waltz(ザ・ワイルド・ワルツ)
12. Sho’s Lament-Instrumental Version2(翔の悲しみ)
13. Au Uneasy Feeling(不安な気持ち)
14. With you(あなたと共に)
15. The House is in Silence(静寂の屋敷)
16. Sho’s Song-Instrumental Version(翔の歌)
17. Precious Memories(大切な思い出)
18. Goodbye My Friend-Instrumental(グッバイ・マイ・フレンド)
19. I Will Never Forget You(あなたを决して忘れない)
20. 主题歌Arrietty’s Song(Arrietty’s Song)
21. ボーナストラックTears in My Eyes(仆の涙)
22. ボーナストラックGoodbye My Friend(グッバイ・マイ・フレンド)


The Borrower Arrietty Logo

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The Legend of Silk Boy Soundtrack [2010]


[score note]
All he needed was the opportunity. Alain Mayrand, like so many talented composers out there, simply needed the chance to display his talents and the newly released soundtrack, The Legend of Silk Boy, provided him with that opportunity. Of course, having opportunities is one thing but one must be ready to deliver on such chances and Alain does so quite impressively. The interesting aspect about his work on Silk Boy is that one would think that the composer was a long-time veteran of the industry given the level of polish associated with the music. This score is a dandy.

The Legend of Silk Boy, which features Jackie Chan as the headliner in the cast , is a symphonic adventure full of thematic charm, an appealing warmth, and a near-perfect pace. While I normally feel rushed when listening to the frantic nature of most animated scores, Alain's music seems to have captured an ideal balance between the demands of the genre and that of the listening experience. Not once did I feel pressed when listening to this album and I tip my cap for the manner in which Alain transitioned from one scene to the next. This is especially important since the score shifts tones fairly rapidly at times, which includes heroic themes, moments of peril, flights of fancy and magical wonder. Quite an impressive palette, wouldn't you say?

Another high note about this album is the level of quality that is associated with even the briefest of sequences. While there is a fluid nature about this score and how it is presented on album, the craftsmanship associated with the shorter spurts are quite brilliant. Alain maximized nearly every second of the score's running time to give us a grand and vibrant experience.

The soundtrack checks in at well over an hour and it's time that simply flies by. I'm not usually game for albums that stretch past 60 minutes but Silk Boy was different since there is a vast amount of color and variation to enjoy. Indeed, the material warranted a longer soundtrack release and I'm not complaining; I'll return to this score regularly to take flight with Silk Boy because it's an adventure that is delivered with heart and soul and that love translates to the music.

The Chinese 3D animation film The Legend of Silk Boy dedicated to the Shanghai Expo opens today (August 20th 2010) in the Expo Garden, M1905.com reports.

Jackie Chan is the voice of the hero, Xu Rongcun, while the film’s director, David Liu, also worked on Star Trek, Transformer and Toy Story.
The Legend of Silk Boy is set amid China’s first attendance at the World Expo in 1851 in London.

Xu Rongcun, dubbed China’s First Businessman at the World Expo, won the gold and silver medals for the Chinese silk he sold in London.

The film is based on the book Adventure of the Silk Boy written by his 70-year old descendant Xu Xizeng.

The cast also includes Li Bingbing, Li Yang and comedian Zhou Libo, who speaks in a Shanghainese dialect for his character.

1. Soaring Over Old London 1:49
2. Xu Rongcun's London Escapade 1:41
3. The Filthington Family March 1:56
4. The Queen's Presentation 1:13
5. Filthington's Forced Exit 1:38
6. Tammy and Silkboy 2:55
7. The Clash of the Robot Gladiators 2:36
8. The Deceitful Entreaties of Filthington 2:29
9. Tammy's Bad Day 1:42
10. What's Wrong with Following My Dreams? 3:53
11. Sneaking In 3:33
12. Sucked Into The Magical Painting 1:41
13. Rough Landing / Meeting Lucky and Anya 2:39
14. Spores on the Wind! 3:36
15. Round 'Em Up and Move 'Em Out! / Filthington's Conjuring Mishap 2:56
16. Arrival at The Enchanted Forest 3:01
17. Filthington's Lament 1:09
18. Over the Hill, Across the Desert and Into the Sandstorm 2:05
19. Bubble Flight Over The Great Tree / Meeting the Ginseng King 1:49
20. The Ginseng Slammatocious Vibe 3:17
21. The Epic Battle for the Talismans 2:47
22. The Goddess Revealed 2:40
23. Return to Shanghai / Grandfather's Great Escape 2:50
24. Engage! 1:07
25. The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part I 3:43
26. The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part II 2:01
27. The Flying Bus / The Jaws of Doom 1:45
28. A Flower Done Wrong / Arriving at Destination 1:50
29. Freeing the Goddess 1:13
30. Filthington's Bluff / The Goddess Departs 1:35
31. Saying Farewell 1:38
32. All is Well that End's Well… Almost! 1:42
33. "One Boy's Dream" 2:32



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The breakout hit of this years SXSW, Gareth Edwards’ groundbreaking new film is as much a poignant contemporary romance as it is an epic science fiction adventure. Shot with just a five person crew and a cast of two, Gareth Edwards’ team traveled through Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, finding and utilizing their locations and supporting actors as they went. The result is a film as cutting edge as it is classically composed, as emotionally satisfying as it is visually stunning, and the bold announcement of a major new talent.

Starring Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able.

Six years ago NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system. A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over Central America. Soon after, new life forms began to appear and grow. In an effort to stem the destruction that resulted, half of Mexico was quarantined as an INFECTED ZONE. Today, the American and Mexican military still struggle to contain the massive creatures… Our story begins when a jaded US journalist (McNairy) begrudgingly agrees to find his bosses daughter, a shaken American tourist (Able) and escort her through the infected zone to the safety of the US border.

Monsters opens in limited release on October 29th 2010.


The Last Exorcism


When he arrives on the rural Louisiana farm of Louis Sweetzer (Herthum), the Reverend Cotton Marcus (Fabian) expects to perform just another routine “exorcism” on a disturbed religious fanatic. An earnest fundamentalist, Sweetzer has contacted the charismatic preacher as a last resort, certain his teenage daughter Nell (Bell) is possessed by a demon who must be exorcized before their terrifying ordeal ends in unimaginable tragedy.

Buckling under the weight of his conscience after years of parting desperate believers with their money, Cotton and his crew plan to film a confessionary documentary of this, his last exorcism. But upon arriving at the already blood drenched family farm, it is soon clear that nothing could have prepared him for the true evil he encounters there. Now, too late to turn back, Reverend Marcus’ own beliefs are shaken to the core when he and his crew must find a way to save Nell – and themselves – before it is too late.

The film is written by Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland, produced by Eli Roth and directed by Daniel Stamm (A Necessary Death). Strike Entertainment and STUDIOCANAL present an Arcade Pictures production.

The Last Exorcism is due out in theaters on August 27, 2010



The Town


Ben Affleck stars alongside Jeremy Renner, John Hamm, Blake Lively,Chris Cooper and Rebecca Hall for a drama centred on bank robbery.

Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) is an unrepentant criminal, the de facto leader of a group of ruthless bank robbers who pride themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean. With no real attachments, Doug never has to fear losing anyone close to him. But that all changed on the gang’s latest job, when they briefly took a hostage–bank manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall).

Though they let her go unharmed, Claire is nervously aware that the robbers know her name…and where she lives. But she lets her guard down when she meets an unassuming and rather charming man named Doug…not realizing that he is the same man who only days earlier had terrorized her. The instant attraction between them gradually turns into a passionate romance that threatens to take them both down a dangerous, and potentially deadly, path.

Affleck co-wrote the screenplay with Peter Craig (Waterbug) and Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air).

The Town will hit theaters on September 24.


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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Score and Soundtrack [2010]


Based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book series, the film stars Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Brandon Routh and Jason Schwartzman.

Meet charming and jobless Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera). A bass guitarist for garage band Sex Bob-omb, the 22-year-old has just met the girl of his dreams…literally. The only catch to winning Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)? Her seven evil exes are coming to kill him.



Genre-smashing British filmmaker Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) tells the amazing story of one romantic slacker’s quest to power up with love in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Scott Pilgrim has never had a problem getting a girlfriend. It’s getting rid of them that proves difficult. From the girl who kicked his heart’s ass—and now is back in town—to the teenage distraction he’s trying to shake when Ramona rollerblades into his world, love hasn’t been easy. He soon discovers, however, his new crush has the most unusual baggage of all: a nefarious league of exes controls her love life and will do whatever it takes to eliminate him as a suitor. As Scott gets closer to Ramona, he must face an increasingly vicious rogues’ gallery from her past—from infamous skateboarders to vegan rock stars and fearsomely identical twins. And if he hopes to win his true love, he must vanquish them all before it really is game over.


The score is primarily by Nigel Godrich, while the soundtrack features tracks recorded by Beck masquerading as Scott Pilgrim’s band Sex Bob-Omb and Broken Social Scene masquerading as Crash and the Boys. The film’s actors do vocals, and the tracks don’t sound much like the artists that spawned them. This is a rare case where the in-film music sounds appropriate to the story and the world. The Sex Bob-Omb tracks in particular are great: they’re rough and catchy, but still sound like a few kids playing in their living room. (’Threshold’, on the soundtrack is a good example.)


Soundtrack track list
01. We Are Sex Bob-Omb - Sex Bob-Omb
02. Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree
03. I Hear Ramona Sing - Frank Black
04. By Your Side - Beachwood Sparks
05. O Katrina! - The Black Lips
06. I'm So Sad, So Very, Very, Sad - Crash and the Boys
07. We Hate You Please Die - Crash and the Boys
08. Garbage Truck - Sex Bob-Omb
09. Teenage Dream - T. Rex
10. Sleazy Bed Track - The Bluetones
11. It's Getting Boring By the Sea - Blood Red Shoes
12. Black Sheep - Metric
13. Threshold - Sex Bob-Omb
14. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl - Broken Social Scene
15. Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones
16. Ramona (Acoustic Version) - Beck
17. Ramona - Beck
18. Summertime - Sex Bob-Omb
19. Threshold (8 bit) - Brian LeBarton

Score track list
01. Universal Theme
02. Hillcrest Park
03. Fight!
04. Slick (Patel's Song) - Dan The Automator
05. Love Me Some Walking
06. Talk To The Fist
07. Rumble
08. Feel The Wrath
09. The Grind
10. Hello Envy
11. Mystery Attacker
12. Second Cup
13. The Vegan
14. Bass Battle
15. Sorry I Guess
16. Roxy
17. The Ninth Circle
18. Katayanagi Twins vs. Sex Bob-Omb - Beck
19. This Fight Is Over
20. Gideon Calling
21. Level 7
22. Welcome To Chaos Theatre
23. We Are Sex Bob-Omb - Beck
24. Fast Entrance Into Hell
25. Chau Down
26. Game Over
27. So Alone
28. Round 2
29. Death To All Hipsters - Beck
30. A Different Guy
31. Boss Battle
32. Blowing Up Right Now
33. Aftermath
34. Bye and Stuff
35. Love - Osymyso
36. Ramona - Osymyso
37. Prepare - Osymyso
38. Ninja Ninja Revolution - Dan The Automator









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Friday Night Lights OST Vol.2 [2010]

The selection of music ranges from the soulful to the more hard rock, and all the songs and artists included in the album will be featured in the upcoming season. Liza Richardson is the soundtrack album co-producer and music supervisor for the television series. Jason Katims is both the executive producer of “Friday Night Lights” and of the Friday Night Lights Vol. 2 Original Television Soundtrack. The “Friday Night Lights” soundtrack is licensed through NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group.

Reflecting the passion and emotion of the show, Friday Night Lights Vol 2 Original Television Soundtrack, boasts a wide variety of artists including White Rabbits, Band Of Skulls, Augustana, Heartless Bastards, A.A. Bondy, Jakob Dylan, John Doe, The Avett Brothers, AM, Sufjan Stevens, Fink and Snuffy Walden. A complete track listing follows below.

Commenting on this diverse and spirited album, Jonathan Platt, the soundtrack’s co – producer says: “We are extremely excited about releasing this amazing soundtrack which is so reflective of the spirit of this show consisting of some of the most relevant artists of today’s ‘Indie’ and mainstream music scene.”

“Working on this show is a music supervisor’s dream,” said Richardson. “On this compilation, we’ve focused on a handful of the more emotional selections to give the soundtrack more cohesiveness. Our selections range from various rock music tracks, to hip hop, to some more prayer-like “twang!” There’s so much amazing music in the show, we could go on and on for volumes! The quality of the exceptional writing, acting, directing and editing of Friday Night Lights deserves music with equal integrity.”

Adds Jason Katims: “I am so excited about the release of the Friday Night Lights Vol. 2 Soundtrack. I think fans of the show will agree that this is not only a great collection of songs from some of the most exciting artists out there, but it is also a true representation of the musical voice of Friday Night Lights.”

“Music plays an important role in how fans connect with a show and embrace it,” said Shelli Hill, Vice President NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group. “This soundtrack features great music from pivotal moments in the program that really resonates with fans of the show.”

Track list

  1. "Percussion Gun" - White Rabbits
  2. "Sway" - Heartless Bastards
  3. "Killed Myself When I Was Young" - A.A. Bondy
  4. "Fire" - Augustana
  5. "Something Good This Way Comes" - Jakob Dylan
  6. "I Know What I Am" - Band of Skulls
  7. "The Meanest Man In The World" - John Doe
  8. "If It's The Beaches" - The Avett Brothers
  9. "What You Hide" - AM
  10. "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" - Sufjan Stevens
  11. "This Is The Thing" - Fink
  12. "FNL Main Title" - W. G. Snuffy Walden



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Middle Men Score [2010]

The score Brian Tyler composed for the film Middle Men, released digitally on August 3rd, simultaneous with the release of Middle MEN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) that includes music from the Rolling Stones, J. Geils Band, Hall & Oates, George Thorogood, 2Pac, Outkast, Tito Puente, Moby, Patsy Cline, Tears for Fears, OMC and others.
The film, which opens nationally on August 6th, is a Paramount Pictures release, directed and co-written by George Gallo and produced by Christopher Mallick, William Sherak, Jason Shuman and Michael J. Weiss with Tricia Holloway serving as music supervisor. MIDDLE MEN stars Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Gabriel Macht, Jacinda Barrett, Laura Ramsey, Terry Crews, Rade Sherbedgia, with Kevin Pollak and James Caan.
In 1995, everyone had a VCR, music was sold in record stores, and the world-wide-web was a new found discovery. Businessman Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) had the perfect life – a beautiful family and a successful career fixing problem companies. And then he met Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), two genius but troubled men, who had invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet. When Jack agrees to help steer their business, he soon finds himself caught between a 23-year-old porn star and the FBI all the while becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of his time. Inspired by a true story that proves business is a lot like sex… getting in is easy, pulling out is hard. Daily Variety descried MIDDLE MEN as "Boogie Nights meets Goodfellas."
George Gallo noted "Tricia Holloway and Chris Mallick were fantastic with their commitment to the movie's soundtrack and understanding that it was just as much a character in the story as the characters themselves. Normally you temp a movie with great songs and rarely do you get the opportunity to keep them in the final cut. Here I not only got the opportunity to keep them all, a few more great tunes were added. Composer Brian Tyler added an even deeper dimension to the movie. Whereas the songs punctuated the upbeat and chaotic energy of the story, Brian's score completely realized the growing sense of danger and regret that was driving Luke Wilson's character on his journey. The music, both songs and score, were beautifully synchronized and completely compliment one another."
Brian Tyler, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (drums, piano, guitar, bass, cello, percussion) and conductor has written scores for dozens of feature films and television productions. Recent projects Fast and Furious and Law Abiding Citizen earned him 3 ASCAP Film Music Awards and a nomination for Composer of the Year by the International Film Music Critics Association in 2010. His scores for Constantine and The Final Cut were also IFMCA nominees. He has scored numerous action features including Rambo, The Expendables, The Hunted, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, The Final Destination, and Eagle Eye for producer Steven Spielberg.
Cinemusic named him Best New Film composer of the Year in 2002 with his Frailty score winning Best Thriller Score of the Year; he received an Emmy nomination for his score for The Last Call. He was nominated for Discovery of the Year at the World Soundtrack Awards that same year. His scores for both Darkness Falls and Children of Dune won BSO Spirit GoldSpirit Awards for Best Score of the Year in their respective categories in 2004.
MIDDLE MEN (Original Motion Picture Score) by Brian Tyler
1. My Name is Jack Harris
2. Middle Men
3. Tightrope
4. Wayne and Buck
5. Broken
6. Down the Rabbit Hole
7. Boat Ride
8. Back to LA
9. Aimless Electricity Upon Touching
10. Paranoia
11. Friendly Warning
12. Guilt
13. Trouble
14. FBI
15. Alejandro
16. Full Circle
17. Middle Men Finale

MIDDLE MEN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1. Who Do You Love - George Thorogood
2. You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates
3. Honey – Moby
4. Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones
5. How Bizarre – OMC
6. Oye Como Va - Tito Puente
7. Buona Sera - Louis Prima
8. Sweet Dreams - Patsy Cline
9. Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Tears for Fears
10. Freeze Frame - J. Geils Band
11. Body Rock – Moby
12. You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
13. The Way You Move – Outkast (featuring Sleepy Brown)
14. California Love (Remix) - 2Pac (featuring Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman)
15. 24-7 – Brian Tyler
16. Middle Men Suite – Brian Tyler



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