Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Iron Lady Soundtrack [2011]

London, 2008. In her well-appointed apartment, the elderly former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher prepares breakfast for her husband Denis, as she has every morning of their married life. It’s not until Margaret’s personal aide bustles in that we see that Margaret sits at the table alone. Denis is alive only in her imagination.
Once described in life as “always present, never there”, Denis is still present for Margaret. Is he a loving memory made flesh? A manifestation of her grief? Or perhaps her conscience, taking her to task?

Locked in the infuriating inaction of retirement and battling ill health, Margaret is ambushed by memories. Fragments of her private life and of her premiership crowd in to her mind and she relives them in vivid detail. As she struggles to maintain her equilibrium, Denis teases and needles her. The struggle, the triumphs, the betrayals – in the end, what did she achieve? When all is said and done, was it worth it?
The Iron Lady is the story of a woman who came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male dominated world. It is a film about power and the price that is paid for power, a story that is both unique and universal.
Phyllida Lloyd‘s The Iron Lady stars Meryl Streep.  Based on a script by Abi Morgan, the film also stars Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher,  Alexandra Roach and Harry Lloyd will play the younger Thatchers. The British cast includes Olivia Colman, Nicholas Farrell, Susan Brown, Roger Allam, Anthony Head, Julian Wadham, Pip Torrens, Nick Dunning, Richard E Grant, David Westhead, Angus Wright and John Sessions. The film opens today 30th Dec 11.

Soundtrack composed by Thomas Newman.

Track listing
01. The Military Band of the Queen's Regiment - Soliders Of The Queen
02. Thomas Newman - MT
03. Thomas Newman - Grocer's Daughter
04. Thomas Newman - Grand Hotel
05. Thomas Newman - Swing Parliament
06. Thomas Newman - Eyelash
07. Deborah Kerr, Marni Nixon & Yul Brynner - Shall We Dance? (From "The King & I")
08. Thomas Newman - Denis
09. Thomas Newman - The Great in Great Britian
10. Thomas Newman - Aire Neave
11. Thomas Newman - Discord and Harmony
12. Thomas Newman - The Twins
13. Thomas Newman - Nation of Shopkeepers
14. Thomas Newman - Fiscal Responsibility
15. Thomas Newman - Crisis of Confidence
16. Thomas Newman - Community Charge
17. Maria Callas, Orchestra Del Teatro Alla Scala & Tullio Serafin - Casta Diva (From "Norma")
18. Thomas Newman - The Difficult Decisions
19. Thomas Newman - Exclusion Zone
20. Thomas Newman - Statecraft
21. Thomas Newman - Steady the Buffs
22. Olli Mustonen - Prelude No. 1 in C Major, BWW 846


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Flowers of War Soundtrack [2011]

Inspired by true life events, ’The Flowers of War’ tells a genuine story of hope and sacrifice. Set in 1937, Nanking stands at the forefront of a war between China and Japan. As the invading Japanese Imperial Army overruns China’s capital city, desperate civilians seek refuge behind the nominally protective walls of a western cathedral. Here, John Haufman (Christian Bale), an American trapped amidst the chaos of battle and the ensuing occupation takes shelter, joined by a group of innocent schoolgirls and thirteen courtesans, equally determined to escape the horrors taking place outside the church walls. Struggling to survive the violence and persecution wrought by the Japanese army, it is an act of heroism which eventually leads the seemingly disparate group to fight back, risking their lives for the sake of everyone. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, fate always has a way of bringing the most unlikely heroes together.
Flowers of War directed by Yimou Zhang (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) stars Christian Bale, Ni Ni and Tong Dawei. The movie has been selected as China’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film and has also recently received a Golden Globe nomination. The drama opened in select cities last week and is expected to expand over the next couple of weeks.
Sony Classical has released a soundtrack album for the historical drama The Flowers of War (Jin líng shí san chai). The album includes the original music from the movie composed by Qigang Chen. The score features violinist Joshua Bell as a soloist. The soundtrack is now available digitally on Amazon. No word yet on a domestic physical release, but the CD version is scheduled for a January 17, 2012 release overseas and is available as as an import on Amazon.

Track listing
01. Love Theme I (Opening Credit)
02. Qin Huai Legend I (Falling in Love)
03. Redemption II (Tragedy in the Church)
04. Qin Huai Legend V (Parting Exhortation)
05. They are at Peace I (Death of Commander Li)
06. Qin Huai Legend II (Blood-Stained Strings)
07. Love Theme II (State of Mind)
08. Redemption V (Tragedy in the Church – Material 1)
09. Angels We Have Heard on High
10. Comfort and Hope I (Tragedy in the Church – Alternative Version 2 )
11. Redemption III (Alternative Version)
12. Virgin (Alternative Version)
13. Requiem and Redemption (Commander Li and the Children)
14. Qin Huai Legend VII (Geishas’ Chorus)
15. Ruins (Alternative Version)
16. They Are at Peace II (Brutality)
17. Love Theme III (Descent from Heaven)
18. Comfort and Hope II (Opening Credit – Alternative Version)
19. Heavenly Voice I (John and the Children’s dialogue)
20. Qin Huai Legend III (Entering the Gate)
21. Qin Huai Legend VI (Sisterhood)
22. Love Theme V (Parting – Alternative Version)
23. Heavenly Voice II (Alternative Version)
24. Qin Huai Legend IV (End Credit Chorus)
25. Comfort and Hope III (Running Towards Light)
26. Love Theme IV (End Credit)


If you like to listen to trailer music check the track after the jump. Happy New Year my friends.

Midnight In Paris Soundtrack [2011]

Midnight in Paris is “a romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business:
The party includes a young engaged couple forced to confront the illusion that a life different from their own is better.”
Movie stars Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen and Owen Wilson.

Midnight in Paris is produced by Letty Aronson, Steve Tenenbaum, and Jaume Roures, and financed by Mediapro, the Spain-based company which also funded Vicky Christina Barcelona and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, and it will be released in the U.S. via Sony Pictures Classics. Soundtrack performed by various artists.

01. Si tu vois ma mere (SIDNEY JOSEPH BECHET) [03:14]
02. Je suis seul ce soir (Swing 41) [05:50]
03. Recado (Original Paris Swing) [04:07]
04. Bistro Fada (Stephane Wrembel) [03:05]
05. Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) (Conal Fowkes) [02:57]
06. You've Got That Thing (Conal Fowkes) [01:44]
07. La conga blicoti (Josephine Baker) [02:25]
08. You Do Something to Me (Conal Fowkes) [02:00]
09. I Love Penny Sue (Daniel May) [03:17]
10. Charleston (Enoch Light & The Charleston City All Stars) [02:19]
11. Ain't She Sweet (Enoch Light & The Charleston City All Stars) [02:30]
12. Parlez-moi d'amour (Dana Boulé) [03:00]
13. Barcarolle from "The Tales of Hoffman" (Conal Fowkes & Yrving & Lisa Yeras) [02:22]
14. Can-Can from "Orpheus In the Underworld" (The Czech National Symphony Orchestra) [02:27]
15. Ballad du Paris (Francois Parisi) [03:14]
16. Le parc de plaisir (Francois Parisi) [02:12]


Shame Soundtrack [2011]
Steve McQueen’s erotic drama premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where Fassbender won the Best Actor award. It was also show at the Toronto Film Festival, and acquired by Fox Searchlight.

Shame is the story of sex-addict Brandon Sullivan (Michael Fassbender) and the events that follow when his younger sister (Carey Mulligan) comes to live with him out of the blue, thus the life-style he lead becomes a problem.

Additional cast include Lucy Walters, Mari-Ange Ramirez, James Badge Dale, Nicole Beharie, Alex Manette, Hannah Ware, Elizabeth Masucci.

The film released into theaters on December 2nd, 2011. If you’re over 17, make sure you don’t miss it.

For the original music, McQueen turned to Harry Escott, a young London-based composer best known for the original scores for Hard Candy, A Mighty Heart, Deep Water, and Shifty. Escott's compositions focus on the potential for music to function as a storyteller with the ability to convey meaning and emotion. However, this soundtrack includes much more, adding in powerful tracks from a variety of genres: from classical to rock and blues.

01. Brandon (Harry Escott) [08:27]
02. Goldberg Variations; BWV 988: Aria (Glenn Gould) [03:05]
03. Genius Of Love (Tom Tom Club) [03:26]
04. Rapture (Blondie) [05:32]
05. I Want Your Love (Chic) [06:54]
06. My Favorite Things (John Coltrane) [13:39]
07. New York, New York "Theme" (Carey Mulligan;Liz Caplan) [04:56]
08. Let's Get Lost (Chet Baker) [03:41]
09. Prelude & Fugue No. 10 In E Minor, BWV 855: Prelude (Glenn Gould) [02:50]
10. Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variation 15 A 1 Clav. Canone Alla Quinta. Andante (1981 Version) (Glenn Gould) [05:01]
11. Unravelling (Harry Escott) [09:35]
12. You Can't Be Beat (Howlin' Wolf) [03:05]
13. The Problem (Mark Louque) [05:14]
14. Prelude & Fugue No. 16 In G Minor, BWV 885: Praeludium (Glenn Gould) [03:10]
15. End Credits (Harry Escott) [01:45]


Monday, December 26, 2011

Tower Heist Soundtrack [2011]

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy lead an all-star cast in Tower Heist, a comedy caper about working stiffs who seek revenge on the Wall Street swindler who stiffed them. After the workers at a luxury Central Park condominium discover the penthouse billionaire has stolen their retirement, they plot the ultimate revenge: a heist to reclaim what he took from them.

Queens native Josh Kovacs (Stiller) has managed one of the most luxurious and well-secured residences in New York City for more than a decade. Under his watchful eye, nothing goes undetected. In the swankiest unit atop Josh’s building, Wall Street titan Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) is under house arrest after being caught stealing two billion from his investors. The hardest hit among those he defrauded? The tower staffers whose pensions he was entrusted to manage.

With only days before Arthur gets away with the perfect crime, Josh’s crew turns to petty crook Slide (Murphy) to plan the nearly impossible…to steal what they are sure is hidden in Arthur’s guarded condo. Though amateurs, these rookie thieves know the building better than anyone. Turns out they’ve been casing the place for years, they just didn’t know it.

Along with Stiller, Murphy and Alda  the film also stars Matthew Broderick, Téa Leoni, Gabourey Sidibe, Casey Affleck, Stephen Henderson, Judd Hirsch, and Michael Pena.

The album features the original score by composer Christophe Beck. The soundtrack released on November 1, 2011 and is now available on Amazon. Tower Heist marks Beck’s and director Brett Ratner’s first collaboration. The movie starring Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni, Michael Pena, Alan Alda, Gabourey Sidibe, Judd Hirsch and Nina Arianda released on November 4.

Track listing
1. Theme From Tower Heist
2. Code Black
3. Shawfrontation
4. The Germ
5. Lester’s Loss
6. My Little Bitch
7. Macy’s Day
8. The Marshall Swindle
9. Right at Rikers
10. Fifty Dollar Thrift Lift
11. The Charlie Deception
12. We Go On Snoopy
13. Courthouse Con
14. Grand Theft Auto
15. Gonna Call Ralph
16. Strong Box Situation
17. Shaft Fail
18. Odessa’s Cake
19. Arrested
20. Shawstafari
21. Gold Rush
22. End Titles


Sunday, December 25, 2011

MI4: Ghost Protocol Soundtrack [2011]
Ghost Protocol is the live-action directorial debut of Brad Bird (The Incredibles) and was produced by Mission: Impossible III director J.J. Abrams, who helped create the story with screenwriters Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol released in IMAX theater on December 16th, 2011 and hit all the other theaters five days later.

The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization’s name.No help, no contact, off the grid.

The cast includes Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Josh Holloway, Michael Nyqvist, Vladimir Mashkov, Lea Seydoux and Anil Kapoor.

Michael Giacchino, the U.S born film score composer, is back after a successful stint with the Mission Impossible 3 OST, and delivers an awesome tracklist that is bound to headline 2011's movie soundtrack successes. Giacchino's profile of film scores includes music for Lost, Alias and Fringe. He has also composed music for the popular video games Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

Track Listing
1 Give Her My Budapest
2 Light the Fuse
3 Knife to a Gun Fight
4 In Russia, Phone Dials You
5 Kremlin With Anticipation
6 From Russia With Shove
7 Ghost Protocol
8 Railcar Rundown
9 Hendricks' Manifesto
10 A Man, a Plan, a Code, Dubai
11 Love the Glove
12 The Express Elevator
13 Mission Impersonatable
14 Moreau Trouble Than She's Worth
15 Out for a Run
16 Eye of the Wistrom
17 Mood India
18 Mumbai's the Word
19 Launch is on Hendricks
20 World's Worst Parking Valet
21 Putting the Miss in Mission
22 Mission: Impossible Theme (Out With a Bang Version)


The Ides of March Soundtrack [2011]

The Ides of March is based loosely on the 2004 Democratic primary campaign of Howard Dean, the play focuses on dirty campaign tricks in Des Moines, Iowa, just weeks before the state’s Democratic caucuses.
The story takes place during the frantic last days before a heavily contested Ohio presidential primary, when an up-and-coming campaign press secretary (Ryan Gosling) finds himself involved in a political scandal that threatens to upend his candidate’s shot at the presidency.
The film is co-written and directed by Clooney and also stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Wright, Max Minghella, and Evan Rachel Wood. Soundtrack turned to turned to Alexandre Desplat.

01. The Ides of March [02:03]
02. Undercurrents [03:51]
03. Behind the Flag [01:46]
04. Paranoia [01:26]
05. The Candidate [04:09]
06. Molly's Solitude [03:53]
07. Doubt [02:04]
08. Molly [02:27]
09. Zara vs. Duffy [02:20]
10. The Intern [02:01]
11. Stephen Meyers [01:15]
12. The Betrayal [02:14]
13. Lobbying [04:44]
14. Fired [01:47]
15. The Campaign [02:39]


Merry Christmas to all

Enjoy your time with your family and have a very happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Love you all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack [2011]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first film in Columbia Pictures’ three-picture adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s literary blockbuster The Millennium Trilogy.

Directed by David Fincher and starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara, the film is based on the first novel in the trilogy, which altogether have sold 50 million copies in 46 countries and become a worldwide phenomenon. The screenplay is by Steven Zaillian.

The film is a murder mystery looking as far back as 40 years at the disappearance of Harriet Vanger, a scion of one of Sweden’s wealthiest families. All these years later, her aged uncle continues to seek the truth.

He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist recently trapped by a libel conviction, to investigate. He is aided by the pierced and tattooed punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander. Together they tap into a vein of unfathomable iniquity and astonishing corruption.
In addition to Craig and Mara, the film will also feature Stellan Skarsgard, Robin Wright, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Joely Richardson, Steven Berkoff, David Dencik, Alexandra Daddario and Goran Visnjic.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is set to open on December 21st, 2011.

And if you can not wait take 8 mins to see what happen on first part of the story.

This version is a collection of 3CDs album which composed by Trent Riznor and Atticus Ross. Check out this preview below and I must say this soundtrack is much much better A Game of Shadows from Hans Zimmer. Enjoy your music.

Track listing
1. Immigrant Song
2. She Reminds Me Of You
3. People Lie All The Time
4. Pinned And Mounted
5. Perihelion
6. What If We Could?
7. With The Flies
8. Hidden In Snow
9. A Thousand Details
10. One Particular Moment
11. I Can't Take It Anymore
12. How Brittle The Bones
13. Please Take Your Hand Away
14. Cut Into Pieces
15. The Splinter
16. An Itch
17. Hypomania
18. Under The Midnight Sun
19. Aphelion
20. You're Here
21. The Same As The Others
22. A Pause For Reflection
23. While Waiting
24. The Seconds Drag
25. Later Into The Night
26. Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome
27. Another Way Of Caring
28. A Viable Construct
29. Revealed In The Thaw
30. Millennia
31. We Could Wait Forever
32. Oraculum
33. Great Bird Of Prey
34. The Heretics
35. A Pair Of Doves
36. Infiltrator
37. The Sound Of Forgetting
38. Of Secrets
39. Is Your Love Strong Enough?

Enjoy with FLAC if you like.
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