Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston is gone

I received this sad news rather late and this was really heart breaking moment when I heard that queen voice Whitney Houston was gone right before Grammy gala night.

Her voice is always the best that you could never forget. We will always love you Whitney. 

You bring us courage to go forward thank you so much my dear.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Roadhouse Soundtrack [1989-2012]

World premiere release of Michael Kamen soundtrack from popular Rowdy Herrington action picture with Patrick Swayze in iconic role as Dalton, expert bouncer, teamed with friend Sam Elliot against ultra-baddie Ben Gazzara. Kelly Lynch brings romance, Jeff Healey Band adds local color. Kamen writes to small town environment, bar scene with signature guitar, keyboard work, then for climactic fight scenes, dramatically ushers in powerhouse large-scale orchestral action material. Ferocious "Dalton and Reno Fight" is terrific highlight, ditto film version of "The Final Confrontation". In balance is warm theme for outdoor country farm atmosphere where Dalton resides. Intrada lands once missing actual 2" 24-track session masters stored in MGM vaults in excellent condition, then licenses courtesy Sony to make score available for first time, newly remixed, mastered in superb stereo sound. One of composer's most oft-requested scores, finally available! Only discordant note: one solitary reel containing two brief orchestral sequences remains lost to the ages. However, in addition to all major cues, remaining reels also featured several cues not used in picture, including early original version of "Final Confrontation" plus instrumental "Final Theme" written for but not used at end of movie. Michael Kamen conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

01. The Homestead (Dalton's Theme) (2:37)
02. Tai Chi (1:33)
03. Nobody Ever Wins A Fight (1:52)
04. Drop Like A Stone (3:15)
05. Invitation To Brads (1:54)
06. On The Rooftop (5:41)
07. Loading Dock Fight (7:44)
08. This Is My Town (3:13)
09. Emmet's House Explodes [Original Version] (1:01)
10. Dalton And Reno Fight (3:19)
11. Heads Or Tails? (3:00)
12. The Final Confrontation [Original Version] (4:44)
13. The Final Confrontation [Film Version] (6:15)
14. Final Theme (1:54)

Enjoy with FLAC if you like.

The Rum Diary Soundtrack [2011]

The Rum Diary movie, starring Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Aaron Eckhart and Giovanni Ribisi.
Begun in 1959 by a then-twenty-two-year-old Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary is a brilliantly tangled love story of jealousy, treachery and violent alcoholic lust in the Caribbean boomtown that was San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the late 1950s.
Exuberant and mad, youthful and energetic, The Rum Diary is an outrageous, drunken romp in the spirit of Thompson’s bestselling Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Hell’s Angels.
Based on the debut novel by Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary tells the increasingly unhinged story of itinerant journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp). Tiring of the noise and madness of New York and the crushing conventions of late Eisenhower-era America, Kemp travels to the pristine island of Puerto Rico to write for a local newspaper, The San Juan Star, run by downtrodden editor Lotterman (Richard Jenkins). Adopting the rum-soaked life of the island, Paul soon becomes obsessed with Chenault (Amber Heard), the wildly attractive Connecticut-born fiancée of Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart). Sanderson, a businessman involved in shady property development deals, is one of a growing number of American entrepreneurs who are determined to convert Puerto Rico into a capitalist paradise in service of the wealthy. When Kemp is recruited by Sanderson to write favorably about his latest unsavory scheme, the journalist is presented with a choice: to use his words for the corrupt businessmen’s financial benefit, or use them to take the bastards down.

Bruce Robinson (In Dreams, Return to Paradise) – directed and scripted adventure drama opened October 28th, 2011. Music by Christopher Young full of Caribbean feeling. Try the preview hereby.

Track Listing:
1. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) (02:59)
Performed by Dean Martin
2. Rum Diary (02:41)
3. Suckfish and Snake (02:32)
4. Mother of Balls (03:59)
5. Chenault (02:44)
6. Flagged Me Smiling (02:55)
7. Pink Jelly Remains (02:41)
8. Rockin' On Rooster (With My Dead Monkey's Mother) (03:05)
9. Sweat Bee (02:19)
10. Cock-of-the-Rock (03:54)
11. Black Note Blues (03:56)
12. My Car the Cockroach (03:50)
13. Neon Popsicles (02:30)
14. Hefti-Tefti (02:42)
15. He Must Be a Sadist (03:37)
16. Puerto Rican Piss-Off (03:22)
17. Whacking a Salesman (02:32)
18. The Biggest Crook in New Jersey (05:30)
19. Desperate Drunks and Postcard Loons (03:04)
20. The Mermaid Song (Instrumental) (01:34)
Performed by Johnny Depp
21. What About El Monstruo? (02:38)
Performed by JD Band
22. Roll Out the Roosters (01:58)
Performed by JD Band
23. Kemp in the Village (01:56)
Performed by Johnny Depp and JJ Holiday
24. The Mermaid Song (02:09)
Performed by Patti Smith


Beginners Soundtrack [2011]
The impact of parents on their children has rarely been captured with the wit and compassion of Beginners, a sweet comedy about love and fear. Ewan McGregor, perhaps the most charming actor alive, plays a graphic artist named Oliver, whose elderly father Hal (played with a deft mix of twinkle and gravitas by Christopher Plummer) comes out as gay after Oliver's mother dies. Alas, Hal also discovers he has terminal cancer--but he crams as much life into the time left to him as he can.

Beginners skips back and forth between Oliver's last months with his father and his first months with a young actress, Anna (Mélanie Laurent, Inglourious Basterds), towards whom he feels a mesmerizing attraction… and with whom he shares a paralyzing fear of intimacy. All of which sounds ponderous and drab, but Beginners is the exact opposite. Writer-director Mike Mills brings a wonderfully light and wistfully humorous touch to these heavy topics, as well as an eye for engaging visuals. Mills and his outstanding cast delicately weave the different threads of Oliver's life into a delicate but emotionally potent whole. Mills's previous film, Thumbsucker, showed promise; Beginners fulfills it.

01. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael) [02:28]
02. Everything's Made for Love (Gene Austin) [03:01]
03. Bach Suite (Tina Guo, Joseph Meyer & Daniel Rosenboom) [04:34]
04. 1955 (Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer & Roger Neill) [02:14]
05. Sweet Jazz Music (Jelly Roll Morton) [01:43]
06. That Da Da Strain (Mamie Smith) [02:51]
07. Mamanita (Jelly Roll Morton) [04:14]
08. Moon Waltz (Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer & Roger Neill) [01:28]
09. Veronica's Blues (Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer & Roger Neill) [02:05]
10. Breezin' Along With the Breeze (Josephine Baker) [02:56]
11. Beginners (Theme Suite) (Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer & Roger Neill) [08:00]
12. Buddy Bertrand's Blues (Jelly Roll Morton) [04:26]


The Woman In Black Soundtrack [2012]

for The Woman in Black, which is based on the acclaimed novel by Susan Hill, and focuses on a young lawyer (Daniel Radcliffe) contending with a vengeful spirit!
Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a widowed lawyer whose grief has put his career in jeopardy, is sent to a remote village to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric. But upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that everyone in the town is keeping a deadly secret. Although the townspeople try to keep Kipps from learning their tragic history, he soon discovers that the house belonging to his client is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is determined to find someone and something she lost… and no one, not even the children, are safe from her vengeance.
The film, directed by James Watkins (Eden Lake), also features Ciaran Hinds (John Carter of Mars, The Eclipse), Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs, Psychoville, Island, Roadkill) and Lucy May Barker.
The Woman in Black opens wide on February 3rd, 2012.
Marco Beltrami composed for the soundtrack.

01. Tea for Three Plus One [01:40]
02. The Woman in Black [01:56]
03. Crossing the Causeway [02:24]
04. Bills Past Due [01:21]
05. Voices in the Mist [02:00]
06. Journey North [02:56]
07. Cellar Eye [02:48]
08. First Death [02:00]
09. The Attic Room [01:56]
10. The Door Opens [01:45]
11. Fireside [02:30]
12. You Could Have Saved Him [02:57]
13. Crazy Writing [02:15]
14. In the Graveyard [02:56]
15. Elisabeth's Vision [03:39]
16. Into the Fire [03:57]
17. Jennet's Letters [02:12]
18. Race to the Marsh [02:11]
19. Rising From the Mud [03:12]
20. Summoning the Woman in Black [04:26]
21. Reunion [01:41]
22. Arthur's Theme [02:46]


Black Gold Soundtrack [2012]

Black Gold, the new film from Jean-Jacques Annaud (Seven Years in Tibet, Two Brothers) starring Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong, Freida Pinto, Tahar Rahim, Corey Johnson, Riz Ahmed and French-Cameroonian actor Eriq Ebouaney.

An adaptation of Hans Reusch’s novel The Great Thirst, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s epic adventure film is set in the 1930s Arab states at the dawn of the oil boom, the story centers on a young Arab prince torn between allegiance to his conservative father and modern, liberal father-in-law.

Ebouaney plays the role of Hassan Dakhil; though I haven’t been successful at learning how significant the role is.  While Pinto plays the role of Princess Lallah, daughter of ambitious Emir Nassib (Banderas) and wife to a forward-thinking Prince Auda (Rahim), Kebede plays an opposing role in Black Gold as Aicha, the wild Bedouin woman who lives off the land and makes her own rules, presenting a stark contrast to the supposedly privileged princess locked in her fortress.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. will distribute the film in France, the U.K., Latin America and the Middle East; Universal Pictures; International (UPI) will distribute the film in Germany and Spain; and Quinta Communications’ Eagle Pictures is handling distribution in Italy.

Black Gold (aka “Or noir”) released to U.S. theaters last year on December 23rd, 2011.

Soundtrack composed by James Horner.

01. Main Title - A Desert Truce [06:34]
02. Horizon To Horizon [03:58]
03. The Wonders Of Wealth [01:50]
04. ''I Have Chosen You'' [03:22]
05. ''You Were A Prince'' [01:47]
06. Leaving As An Emissary [05:19]
07. Father And Son [01:50]
08. Phantom Army [01:47]
09. ''So This Is War'' [01:56]
10. The Blowing Sands [04:29]
11. Fresh Water [01:50]
12. One Brother Lives, One Brother Dies [06:44]
13. Battle In The Oil Fields [05:15]
14. A Kingdom Of Oil [08:46]


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Safe House Soundtrack [2012]

The Daniel Espinosa action thriller Safe House marks his English-language debut. The film is written by David Guggenheim and is hitting theaters on February 10th.

Ryan Reynolds and Oscar winner Denzel Washington are front and center in the new poster for the upcoming thriller, which has debuted today.
Washington portrays the renegade CIA agent who winds up in a South African Safe House, protected by rookie operative played by Reynolds. When the facility comes under attack, the two must go on the run in order to survive and uncover who wants them dead.
Along with Reynolds and Washington, the film also stars vet Sam Shepard, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Robert Patrick, Tim McGraw, Nora Arnezeder and Ruben Blades.
Soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man, Clash of the Titans).

01. Safe House [03:15]
02. A Hundred Lies a Day [03:15]
03. Get In the Trunk [04:24]
04. Do I Make You Nervous? [03:07]
05. I Used to Be Innocent Like You [02:11]
06. Tobin Frost [02:19]
07. Off the Grid [03:27]
08. Do What You Have to Do [04:48]
09. Don't Kill Innocent People [03:45]
10. Who Do You Work For? [03:44]
11. Walk Away [06:03]
12. People Change [02:16]
13. Be Better Than Me [04:11]
14. Langa [06:14]
15. More Past Than Future [03:19]
16. 12 Months [03:05]
17. Truth [03:42]
18. I'll Take It from Here [05:46]


This soundtrack theme song is nice. No lucky that this song is not included on the soundtrack. Here for you "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft. Frank Ocean

The Innkeepers Soundtrack [2012]

After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors for good. The last remaining employees -Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) - are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England's most haunted hotels. As the Inn’s final days draw near, odd guests check in as the pair of minimum wage “ghost hunters” begin to experience strange and alarming events that may ultimately cause them to be mere footnotes in the hotel’s long unexplained history.
Soundtrack composed by Jeff Grace.

01. The Innkeepers [02:29]
02. Claire's Room [01:30]
03. Right Behind You! [04:12]
04. The Garage [02:03]
05. The Story of Madeline [01:30]
06. The Pendulum [03:51]
07. What Does She Want_ [02:30]
08. The Pendulum Breaks [03:49]
09. Special Memories [01:35]
10. I Gotta Get Outta Here! [01:27]
11. Last Bit of Nostalgia [03:39]
12. Claire Falls [05:08]
13. Epilogue [02:34]
14. End Titles (Suite from the Innkee [04:16]


Friday, February 3, 2012


Here is the shock which someone likes, the one like me haha.

Directed by Hugo JACKSON, Pascal CHANDELIER, Valentin MICHEL, Bastien MORTELECQUE and Elliot MAREN.
With the voices of Christophe LEMOINE, Ariane AGGIAGE, Michel VIGNE, Laetitia BARBARA, Philipe PEYTHIEU and Véronique AUGEREAU.
Music by Thierry JAOUL, Jose VICENTE and Hugo JACKSON
Mixed by Jose VICENTE and Yoann PONCET, Studio des Aviateurs.

Electroshock Superhero
And the story is.... see by yourself. Just 8 mins only ehhehee.

ELECTROSHOCK - ESMA 2011 from Electroshock-movie on Vimeo.

Red Tails Soundtrack [2012]
Red Tails is a Lucasfilm’s World War II action-drama directed by Anthony Hemingway and executive produced by George Lucas. Sadly this may be the last Lucas film as he announced to be retire after all the years racing with movie stuff.

The film’s cast includes: Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston, Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds, Cliff Smith aka Method Man, Kevin Phillips, Rick Otto, Lee Tergesen, Andre Royo, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley, Marcus T. Paulk, Leslie Odom Jr., Michael B. Jordan and Daniela Ruah.
1944. As the war in Europe continues to take its toll on Allied forces, the Pentagon brass has no recourse but to consider unorthodox options – including the untried and untested African-American pilots of the experimental Tuskegee training program. Just as the young Tuskegee men are on the brink of being shut down and shipped back home, they are given the ultimate chance to show their courage. Against all the odds, with something to prove and everything to lose, these intrepid young airmen take to the skies to fight for their country – and the fate of the free world.
Red Tails hit cinemas January 20th, 2012.
Soundtrack composed by Terrence Blanchard. And he made a very good soundtrack indeed and that's what I hope for this kind of soundtrack for the new year.

1 Opening Titles 3:25
2 The Train 2:02
3 The Church 1:02
4 Visit Sofia 0:49
5 Operation Shingle 3:56
6 Lightning in Trouble 0:42
7 German Airfield 1:34
8 Victory Rolls 1:08
9 Junior Medical / Luntz Screening 3:33
10 Lightning Jail 1:40
11 Bomber Briefing 2:27
12 Takeoff 1:58
13 Waiting for Bombers 1:49
14 Deacon Damaged 3:34
15 German Destroyer 3:20
16 Deacon's Crash 2:11
17 Junior Prison 2:17
18 The Proposal 0:40
19 Junior Escapes 2:10
20 Luntz Berlin 1:58
21 Paper Plane 0:58
22 Mission Orders / Stance Berlin 1:49
23 Maurice Killed 2:03
24 Attack from Above 0:48
25 Pretty Boy Killed 1:36
26 Lightning is Hit 3:22
27 Lightning's Gone 2:24
28 End Credits / America the Beautiful 4:31
29 Harry James and His Orchestra - It's Been a Long, Long Time 3:24
30 The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 2:43
31 Maxine Sullivan & Her Orchestra - Blue Skies 3:01
32 The Ink Spots - Bless You 2:48

 and if you like this soundtrack theme song take your time listen to this original song To Glory.

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