Monday, August 29, 2011

Can you find Wall-E?

This a bit fuzzy finding the little guy but can you. All are bots from most famous films around which can be count like Castle in the Sky, Robots, Wall-E, I Robot, Star Wars, War of the World, Matrix, Ghost in the Shell famous Tachikoma, Tom and Jerry, the golden owl from old Clash of the Titans if you remember, some cut robots from Batteries not Included, Robot Cop, The day the Earth Stood Still, little guys from Transformers, Terminator, Astro Boy, Lost in Space, Short Circuit number 5 or even new one from Real Steel i think and last but not least Android bot ahhaha. Very funny. But where is Wall-E? Errr and no luck we can find Iron man this time.

May I back to this post latter if I remember more bots. Enjoy your time.

PS: Follow this image original location for larger view and please dun blame me for this.

Bridge short film

Bridge from Ting on Vimeo.

Here is Bridge from Ting Tey. One reall short but watchable eheh. Enjoy.

You can find some more films of Ting here: C ya.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Windows Soundtrack [1979-2011]

World premiere release of one of the least known scores written by Maestro Ennio Morricone for the American cinema.

Windows (1979), directed by Gordon Willis (his only film as director, since he is more famous as a cinematographer—with credits including such classics as The Godfather and some of Woody Allen’s films) starred Talia Shire and Elizabeth Ashley. Emily Hollander (Shire) is the subject of a lesbian obsession at the hands of Andrea Glassen (Ashley), her next-door neighbor. As Emily begins dating detective Bob Luffrono (Cortese), Andrea overflows with jealousy, spying on Hollander through her own window. This psychosexual thriller, set in Manhattan, gave Morricone the opportunity to create an unsettling melodic score, beginning with a gorgeous main theme for piano, glockenspiel, strings and harpsichord entitled "A Terrific View." This theme is the axis of a score that bridges the sound created by Morricone for Italian giallo with the elegant atmosphere of such American movies as Bloodline, The Thing, Disclosure, Frantic and Bugsy.

Windows has never before been released in any format. This is perhaps because there are only about 15 minutes of original music in the film, and because Morricone’s recording (made in New York’s A&R Studios) has long been thought lost. Luckily, finally appeared the original 24-track master in the MGM vaults—in mint condition—and discovered that Morricone actually wrote 46 minutes of music for the film, instead of only the 15 minutes used in the final film cut.

Now Morricone’s complete score has been remixed in stereo, produced and mastered by Daniel Winkler. With a 20-page full color booklet and liner notes by Daniel Schweiger, this release gives all followers of the Roman maestro the opportunity to hear one of his most obscure and surprising works from the late seventies—which finally sees the light 32 years after its recording!

Track listing
1. A Terrific View (2:13)
2. I Know What I Want (3:32)
3. The Cab Ride (3:02)
4. Dawning (3:09)
5. Night in the City (3:41)
6. The Tapes (1:47)
7. Stand Still (2:19)
8. Don't Hurt Me (0:48)
9. The Taxi Dispatcher (1:23)
10. Light Sweetness (0:55)
11. Please Please Please (4:30)
12. Emily Flees (2:15)
13. A Terrific View (1:11)
14. Quartet For Emily (5:23)
15. River Dawn (1:00)
16. Don't Touch Her (2:10)
17. The Bloody Palm (3:10)
18. End Titles (3:08)


Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Soundtrack [2011]

In case you still need better version on this lovely soundtrack please take a look.


PS: I can not stop to listen from start to end of this soundtrack. Score notes from Rachel were touching.

8a snow Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Review

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Soundtrack [2011]

Introverted Sally Hurst ((Bailee Madison)) has just moved in with her father Alex and his girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) when she realizes that their sprawling estate holds its fair share of secrets. Ascending to the depths of the house, Sally gains access to a secret lower level that has lain undisturbed for nearly a century, when the original builder vanished without a trace. When Sally accidentally opens the gateway that kept the creatures locked up tight, she realizes that in order to prevent them from destroying her family is to convince her skeptical father that monsters really exist.

The adaptation of ABC’s 1973 cult classic is produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by by comic-book artist Troy Nixey.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark opens August 26th.

Music composed by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sander. Marco Beltrami was scored for Scream series, Omen, The Eye therefore we are not surprise when he took this film.

Tracks listing

01. Gramophone Lullaby
02. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Main Titles
03. Sally Arrives at Blackwood Manor
04. Lamb Lamp Lambency
05. Sally’s Lullaby
06. Garden Music
07. Into the Basement
08. Sneaky Sally
09. Silly Sally
10. Tooth Fairy’s Gift
11. Gardener Gets Snipped
12. Treesome
13. Don’t Turn Out the Lights
14. Bed Bugs
15. Shrink Rap
16. Sally Leaves
17. The Library
18. Goblins in the Garage
19. Goblin Trouble
20. Return to Blackwood
21. Voices from the Pit


Friday, August 19, 2011

Change-Up Soundtrack [2011]

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star in The Change-Up, from director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers), writers Jon Lucas & Scott Moore (The Hangover) and producer Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious, Click). The R-rated comedy takes the traditional body-switching movie, ties it up tightly and throws it off a cliff.

Growing up together, Mitch (Reynolds) and Dave (Bateman) were inseparable best friends, but as the years have passed they’ve slowly drifted apart. While Dave is an overworked lawyer, husband and father of three, Mitch has remained a single, quasi-employed man-child who has never met a responsibility he liked. To Mitch, Dave has it all: beautiful wife Jamie (Leslie Mann), kids who adore him and a high-paying job at a prestigious law firm. To Dave, living Mitch’s stress free life without obligation or consequence would be a dream come true.

Following a drunken night out together, Mitch and Dave’s worlds are turned upside down when they wake up in each other’s bodies and proceed to freak the &*#@ out.

Despite the freedom from their normal routines and habits, the guys soon discover that each other’s lives are nowhere near as rosy as they once seemed. Further complicating matters are Dave’s sexy legal associate, Sabrina (Olivia Wilde), and Mitch’s estranged father (Alan Arkin). With time not on their side, Mitch and Dave comically struggle to avoid completely destroying each other’s lives before they can find a way to get their old ones back.

Soundtrack composed by John Debney and Theodore Shapiro

1. Peeing on a Statue / Titles – John Debney
2. Waking Up – Theodore Shapiro
3. The Lorno Suite – John Debney
4. Tatiana! – John Debney
5. You’re in My Body / To the Fountain! – John Debney
6. Changed Up – Theodore Shapiro
7. Dressing Up Dave John Debney
8. Mitch’s Theme – Theodore Shapiro
9. Rotate Your Turret – John Debney
10. Change Up Piano / Jamie Cries – Theodore Shapiro
11. Baby Suite – John Debney
12. Mitch Evolves – John Debney
13. Rollerblading / I Love You, Daddy – John Debney
14. Baseball Afternoon – John Debney
15. The Kinkabe Merger – John Debney
16. We Could Wait a Day – John Debney
17. Lights Out / Schedule 4 Harrassment – John Debney
18. The Skipperling Tattoo Part 1 – Theodore Shapiro
19. Dave Is Dave & Mitch Is Mitch – John Debney
20. Anniversary Toast – John Debney
21. The Change-Up – Theodore Shapiro


Hey below is redband trailer with some people running around and say bad words like haha and hihi.

Fright Night Soundtrack [2011]

Based on the 1985 original and given an updating from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series writer Marti Noxon, Fright Night still follows high school student Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) who finds out that his new neighbor, Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell), is a vampire. Once Jerry discovers that Charlie knows the truth, he must protect his mother (Toni Collette) and girlfriend (Imogen Poots) from Dandridge.

Senior Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) finally has it all—he’s running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, he’s so cool he’s even dissing his best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger Jerry (Colin Farrell) moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but there’s something not quite right—and everyone, including Charlie’s mom (Toni Collette), doesn’t notice. After witnessing some very unusual activity, Charlie comes to an unmistakable conclusion: Jerry is a vampire preying on his neighborhood. Unable to convince anyone that he’s telling the truth, Charlie has to find a way to get rid of the monster himself in this Craig Gillespie-helmed revamp of the comedy-horror classic.

The film also stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Ed with Craig Gillespie directing.

The upcoming 3D remake has a summer release on August 19, 2011.

Ramin Djawadi composed this soundtrack.


1. Welcome To Fright Night
2. There’s A Lot Of Bad People Out There
3. Jerry’s Date
4. A Terrible Vampire Name
5. We Could Rock This Evil Thing Together
6. Is That A Stake?
7. 400 Years of Survival
8. How To Kill A Vampire
9. Just Hit Me
10. No House, No Invitation
11. That’s A Mighty Big Cross
12. Let’s Kill Something
13. Go Get the Authorities
14. I Can Hear You Breathe
15. I’m All Out Of Beer
16. A Garlicky Omelet
17. Enough With The Vampires
18. Gotta Light
19. Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do
20. Fright Night

Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack [2011]

The latest incarnation of Robert E. Howard’s barbarian of prehistory stars Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang and Rose McGowan and follows Conan’s quest across the continent of Hyboria, as he fights to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village.

The most legendary Barbarian of all time is back this Summer. Having thrived and evolved for eight consecutive decades in the public imagination- in prose and graphics, on the big screen and small, in games and properties of all kinds- Conan’s exploits in the Hyborian Age now come alive like never before in a colossal 3D action-adventure film.

A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.

Directed by Marcus Nispel, Conan the Barbarian hits 3D and 2D theaters on August 19. Due to very good remark of 300, this soundtrack not out of Tyler Bates hands.

01. Prologue [02:08]
02. His Name Is Conan [03:35]
03. Egg Race [02:52]
04. Fire And Ice [03:15]
05. Cimmerian Battle [03:19]
06. The Mill [01:55]
07. The Mask/12 Years Later [03:07]
08. Freeing Slaves [02:38]
09. Prison Interrogation [03:35]
10. Monastery Approach [01:44]
11. Off With Their Heads [01:09]
12. Horse Chase [03:11]
13. Death Of A Priest [02:48]
14. One Way Ride [02:36]
15. Outpost [07:57]
16. Fever [04:48]
17. Victory [00:37]
18. A Kiss [02:43]
19. The Temple [01:55]
20. Oceans Of Blood [02:41]
21. The Dweller [02:36]
22. Skull Mountain [01:21]
23. Wheel Of Torture [02:07]
24. Zym's Demise [02:30]
25. Conan Returns Home [03:42]


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 1 [2011]

La la land's presenting STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION -COLLECTION VOLUME ONE: LIMITED EDITION, a 3-CD limited edition release featuring more than 3 full hours of previously unreleased music. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - COLLECTION VOLUME ONE showcases some of the most dynamic pieces of score ever composed for this beloved and acclaimed series. Renowned composers Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, Don Davis, John Debney and Fred Steiner are all represented on this limited edition set of 3000 Units, which complies many of the very best musical contributions to the most famous and celebrated sci-fi franchise in television history. Produced by Ford Thaxton, Mark Banning, James Nelson and Lukas Kendall, this release, mastered by James Nelson.

CD 1: Dennis McCarthy:
01. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (3rd Season) Narration: Patrick Stewart – Alexander Courage / Jerry Goldsmith (1:49)
HAVEN #105:
02. Haven M11 / Harpies M12 / Gifts M13 (2:06)
03. Starship M14 / Lost Love M15 / Wyatt & Troi M16 / Mom Arrives M17 (3:26)
04. In Practice M21 / Tradition M22 / Cuestosity M23 (Not Used) / Mental Flame M24 / Leper Colony M25 (4:44)
05. Petty M37 (0:54)
06. Desert Panorama M41 / Proposal M42 / Tractor Beam M43 (2:51)
07. Ariana M51 / Plan to Die M52 / Preparation M53 / Alien Vessel M54 / Departure M55 / Next Adventure M56 (7:54)
HIDE AND Q #111:
08. Miracle Worker M51 / Lights Out M51A / Time Lapse M52 (5:24)
The Big Goodbye #113:
09. (You Came Along From) Out of Nowhere M53 / M12 – John Green / Edward Heyman (3:24)
10. Worf Down M51 / Invader M52 / Dinner Treats M53 / Retching Remmick M54 / Recovery M55 / Cliff Hanger M56 (7:44)
The Child #127:
11. Rendezvous M11 / Liaison M12 (2:15)
12. Aucdet IX M21 / Containment Out M22 / The Birth M23B / Growth Spurt M24 (5:11)
Elementary, Dear Data #129:
13. Stardate M11 / Holmes’s Pipe M12A / Holmes’s Pipe 2 M12 (0:54)
14. Denouement M14 / The Challenge M15 (0:57)
Time Squared #139:
15. P-2 Arises M51 / Hall Twins M52 / P-2 Dies M53 / Escape M54 / No Repeat M55 (6:08)
The Survivors #151:
16. Music Boxer M16 (1:03)
17. Telepathic M41 / Kevin’s Waltz M42 / Unbridged M43 (4:36)
18. Music Box M42 (0:39)
Sarek #171:
19. Logging M51 / Solution M52 / Mind Meld M53 / Angstosity M54 / Back to Reality M55 / Goodbyes M56 (6:26)
Conundrum #214:
20. MacDuff Exposed M51A / Meeting the Girls M52 / Confused M53 (4:40)
All Good Things… #277 / 278:
21. Saved Again M103 (2:27)
22. I Have a Gun M104 (0:52)
23. Star Trek: The Next Generation End Title (3rd Season, Long Version) – Jerry Goldsmith (1:55)

CD 2: Jay Chattaway:
01. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (2nd Season) – Alexander Courage / Jerry Goldsmith (1:39)
Remember Me #179
02. Old Friend M11 / Return to Starbase M23 (1:06)
03. The Traveler M51 / Through the Bubble M52 (7:08)
The Host #197
04. Sorry M11 / Jay M17 (3:34)
05. No Pain, No Gain M33 (2:04)
06. Can’t Be Apart M44 (2:18)
07. Surprised M54 / Last Waist Kiss M55 (1:12)
Darmok #202
08. Doo Doo Occurs M32 (3:04)
09. Telling a Story M43 / Gone Forever M43A (4:07)
10. Tired of Sitting Around M51A / What’s a Life Worth? M52 (4:55)
Silicon Avatar #204:
11. Running for Cover M13 / Someone’s Comin’ M16 (3:25)
12. So, We Finally Meet M52 (3:51)
The Perfect Mate #221:
13. Hard to Resist M34 (3:07)
14. I’ve Bonded With You M52 (1:19)
I Borg #223:
15. The Borg Pick Up Hugh M53 (2:40)
The Inner Light #225:
16. Lullaby #1 M31 (0:50)
17. Naming Dance #1 M32 Alt B (1:15)
18. The Answer to a Mystery M51 / Lullaby #1A M52 (4:20)
Relics #230:
19. Scotty’s Bridge M32 (0:40)
20. Captain in Rank Only M51 / Scotty to the Rescue M52 / Mister Good Hands M53 (4:43)
Starship Mine #244:
21. Greedy Double Crosser M51 / Fight to the Death M52 (6:51)
The Chase #246:
22. Message Received M52 (2:50)
Journey’s End #272:
23. War or Peace M52 / Wes Goes on His Way M54 (6:08)
The Inner Light #225:
24. Naming Ceremony, Alternate (Not Used) M32A (1:20)
25. Naming Dance, Up-Tempo Version (Not Used) M2 (1:08)
26. Star Trek: The Next Generation End Title (3rd Season, Short Version–Alt. Take) (0:48)

CD 3: Guest Composers:
01. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (3rd Season) – Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith, Arr. Dennis McCarthy (1:49)
Code of Honor #104 – Fred Steiner:
02. Sky and Starship M11 / Meet Lutan M12 / Lutan Impressed M13 – Fred Steiner (2:43)
03. Bronze Horse M14 / To the Holodeck M15 / Snatch Tasha M16 – Fred Steiner (1:50)
04. Waiting M21 / Code of Honor II M22 – Fred Steiner (1:39)
05. Chez Lutan M31 / Lutan’s Honor M32 / The Centerpiece M33 / Yareena Upset M34 / Combat Ready M35 / Hatching a Plan M36 / Code of Honor Again M37 – Fred Steiner (4:16) – missing
06. Code of Honor M41 (Not Used) / Yareena’s Threat M42 / The Glavin M43 – Fred Steiner (2:12)
07. Officer’s Log M51 / Competition M52 / Deadly Blow M53 / She Lives M54 / Poor Lutan M55 / Mission Accomplished M56B – Fred Steiner (6:39)
Face of the Enemy #240:
08. Troi Delirious M11 – Don Davis (1:35)
09. Ear Trauma M12 / Romulans in Romuland M13 / Troi Trouble M14 – Don Davis (1:29)
10. It’s Huge M21 / Riker Ridiculous M22 (Not Used) / Jean-Luc Benign M23 / Romulan Dissident Mummies M24 / N’Vek Trek M25 – Don Davis (3:32) – missing
11. Clash of the British Titans M31 / Placating Picard M32 / Untitled M33 / Face of the Enemy (Act Out) M34 – Don Davis (3:27)
12. Toreth’s Revenge M41 / N’Vek Nervosa M42 – Don Davis (5:48)
13. Destructed Plan M51 /Another Cruel Hoax M52 / Noble N’Vek Dies for Our Sins M53 – Don Davis (8:15)
The Pegasus #264:
14. New Orders M11 / Pegasus M12 – John Debney (0:22)
15. On Impulse M13 /Romulans Appear M14 Alt A / Stand Down M15 / Pressman Plots M16 – John Debney (2:06)
16. Act In M21 / Scanning the Belt M22 Alt A – John Debney (3:31)
17. Romulans Depart M31 / Duty Calls M32 / Riker’s Dilemma M33 / Relieved of Command M34 – John Debney (2:43)
18. The Discovery M41 / Trapped M42 – John Debney (5:12)
19. Secret Weapon M51 / Federation Cloak M52 / Second Chance M53 – John Debney (6:57)
Alternate Takes:
20. New Orders M11 Alt A (0:22)
21. Romulans Appear M14 tk 2 (1:03)
22. Stand Down M15 Alt A tk 2 (0:38)
23. Scanning the Belt M22 tk 3 (3:17)
24. Secret Weapon M51 tk 5 (3:53)
25. Star Trek: The Next Generation Bumper (1st Season) – Jerry Goldsmith (0:06)
26. Star Trek: The Next Generation Bumper (3rd Season) – Jerry Goldsmith (0:08)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Arr. Dennis McCarthy
27. Theme From Star Trek (TV Series) Polka Version – Alexander Courage / Gene Roddenberry (0:55)
28. Theme From Star Trek (TV Series) Torch Song Version – Alexander Courage / Gene Roddenberry (1:34)
29. Star Trek: The Next Generation End Title (3rd Season, Short Version) – Jerry Goldsmith (0:48)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FLAC this one

Better version of Super 8 soundtrack from composer Michael Giacchino. This soundtrack is one of the most listening soundtrack this year. Maybe I like old fashioned style.

FLAC the Smurfs

Tiny bluish guys running in urban place soundtrack with better quality. Enjoy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is your favourite childhood music?

For me a lot :p but what I can recall most is Joe Hisaishi - Innocent from Castle in the sky. There is time of lost and time of love but this song is never getting old. Very beautiful notes are spreading over your heart when you listen to this event you are super sad. Take your time

And why not mention vocal version performed by Inoue Azumi lyrics by director Mr. Hayao Miyazaki himself.

ano chiheisen kagayaku
no wa
doko ka ni kimi o kakushite iru kara
taku-san no hi ga
natsukashii no wa
ano dore ka hitotsu ni
kimi ga iru kara

saa dekake you
hitokire no PAN
NAIFU, RANPU kaban ni tsume konde
do-san ga nokoshita atsui omoi
ka-san ga kureta ano manazashi

chikyuu wa mawaru kimi o kakushite
kagayaku hitomi kirameku tomoshibi
chikyuu wa mawaru kimi o nosete
itsuka kitto deau
bokura o nosete

do-san ga nokoshita atsui omoi
ka-san ga kureta ano manazashi
chikyuu wa mawaru kimi o kakushite
kagayaku hitomi kirameku tomoshibi
chikyuu wa mawaru kimi o nosete
itsuka kitto deau
bokura o nosete

The horizon is shining because
it hide you somewhere.
when I see a lot of lights,
I feel dear because
you are in one of them.

Let's go out,
packing a bag with a piece of bread,
a knife, and a lamp.
This burning will that my father gave me.
That look that my mother gave me.

The earth is spining, hiding you.
The eyes are shining, and the lights are twinkling.
The earth is spining, putting on you;
putting on us who shall meet each other someday.

This burning will is that my father remain for me.
That look is that my mother gave me.
The earth is spining, hiding you.
The eyes are shining, and the lights are twinkling.
The earth is spining, putting on you:
putting on us who shall meet each other someday.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Viento en Contra Soundtrack [2011]

Most people probably haven't heard of this new action thriller - a slick Mexican production picked up by Warner Bros and starring the gorgeous Barbara Mori – but if you are a fan of big Hollywood style action thriller music, this one is for you. Alfons Conde (The Abandoned, The Dark Hour and No-Do) has created a marvellous, highly exciting and very classy orchestral score for the film, filled with exquisite action writing (think Broughton meets Powell), gripping suspense and, also, a great love theme.

According to the press release for Alfons Conde's score for Viento en Contra this is the: "stuff you normally only hear in big Hollywood movies - think James Newton Howard, Jerry Goldsmith with a dash of John Powell and a sophisticated, elegant orchestral language that has a lot in common with John William."

Track listing
01. Main Titles (01:54)
02. Patrick & Luisa (02:22)
03. A Day at Work (02:22)
04. Murdered (02:48)
05. The Escape (06:32)
06. Sofia Hacks In (01:23)
07. Talking to Matias (02:10)
08. Luisa's Apartment (02:05)
09. The Car Chase (02:46)
10. At Don Roman's (01:52)
11. The Bus Station (01:04)
12. Kidnapped and Back at the Crime Scene (03:52)
13. Two Fugitives (02:32)
14. The Resendis Residence (02:50)
15. At the Subway (01:41)
16. Reunion with Patrick (03:00)
17. Entering Justino's Computer (04:52)
18. Disappointment in Valle (04:56)
19. Meet the Gang (06:16)
20. Air Fight (06:22)
21. The Little Prince (01:08)


Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Soundtrack [2011]

An origin story in the true sense of the word, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is set in present day San Francisco. Starring James Franco, Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), John Lithgow, Andy Serkis (Lord Of The Rings) and Brian Cox, the film is a reality-based cautionary tale — a science fiction/science-fact blend where mankind's hubris leads to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy. A single act of both compassion and arrogance leads to a war unlike any other — and to the RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

The Oscar-winning visual effects team that brought to life the worlds of Avatar and Lord of the Rings is breaking new ground, creating a CGI ape that delivers a dramatic performance of unprecedented emotion and intelligence, and epic battles on which rest the upended destinies of man and primate.

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, the big budget prequel to the 1968 classic, “Planet of the Apes”, hits theaters on August 5.

Patrick Doyle, riding high with the score for THOR, chalks up another summer blockbuster.

01. The Beginning [02:48]
02. Bright Eyes Escapes [03:37]
03. Lofty Swing [01:36]
04. Stealing the 112 [01:51]
05. Muir Woods [01:20]
06. Off You Go [02:17]
07. Who Am I? [02:20]
08. Caesar Protects Charles [03:57]
09. The Primate Facility [02:44]
10. Dodge Hoses Caesar [01:39]
11. Rocket Attacks Caesar [01:24]
12. Visiting Time [02:16]
13. 'Caesing' the Knife [02:04]
14. Buck Is Released [01:51]
15. Charles Slips Away [01:16]
16. Cookies [01:15]
17. Inhaling the Virus [02:45]
18. Caesar's Stand [04:23]
19. Gen-Sys Freedom [04:56]
20. Zoo Breakout [02:40]
21. Golden Gate Bridge [05:21]
22. The Apes Attack [02:09]
23. Caesar and Buck [01:57]
24. Caesar's Home [02:40]


Using the same technique of Avatar but with larger scale outdoor WETA brings new detailed level of special effects to Rise of the Planet of Apes.
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