Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cloclo Soundtrack [2012]

As kitschy and overstuffed as some of the legendary French singer’s numerous hits, My Way (Cloclo) is a long-winded, by-the-numbers portrait of Claude “Cloclo” Francois, whose worldwide claim to fame is the eponymous Frank Sinatra ballad he originally composed and performed under the title “Comme d’habitude.” Indeed, it’s business as usual in this 2 ½ hour biopic from Florent-Emilio Siri, which offers up a mix of fortune, glory and outdated haircuts with very little originality or dramatic gravitas. A lively turn from Dardenne Bros. regular Jeremie Renier may help the film finds its way to a few offshore markets outside its huge Francophone fan base.

One of the biggest pop stars in French history, Francois took the nation by storm in the '60s and '70s with a string of chart toppers, ranging from rock ‘n’ roll covers of the Everly Brothers and Frankie Valli to disco hits like “Alexandrie Alexandra” and “Je vais a Rio.” Charismatic and monomaniacal, and clearly unabashed about the tackier sides of showbiz, Francois stayed in the spotlight for as long as he could, changing up styles to compete with rival artists and even orchestrating his own on-stage collapse to remain in the headlines.

01. 17 ans [03:44]
02. Cette année-la [03:14]
03. Je sais [03:02]
04. Introduction [00:37]
05. Respect (Live, Olympia, Paris 21 Mars 1967) [03:11]
06. L'amour c'est comme ça [02:41]
07. Reste [02:55]
08. Comme d'habitude [04:10]
09. My Way [04:34]
10. Bélinda [02:39]
11. Think [03:12]
12. Le lundi au soleil [02:59]
13. Le mal aimé [02:34]
14. Soudain Il Ne Reste Qu'Une Chanson [03:06]
15. I'm Your Boogie Man [04:01]
16. Magnolias For Ever [04:19]
17. Alexandrie Alexandra [05:39]
18. My Way [04:35]
19. Original Soundtrack CLOCLO [16:47]

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