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Jennifer 8 Soundtrack [1992-2012]

In the early 90's, the serial killer genre had taken off to new heights of success thanks to the Academy Award winning thrillers, The Silence of the Lambs and Basic Instinct. The celluloid world would see even more and inventive ones such as Se7en and Copycat years later, there was one that unfortunately wasn't successful but still a thoughtful and enjoyable one in the genre, which is Jennifer 8.  The film stars Andy Garcia, as John Berlin a former L.A. detective who after a bitter divorce and stress in his old job relocates to Eureka, a small northern California town thanks to his friend and partner (Lance Henriksen) and as soon as he arrives, a murder has taken place. With a reputation of being a troublemaker, Berlin soon finds himself embroiled in a cold missing persons case resembling a recent murder that's already taken place which leads him to meet Helena (Uma Thurman), a blind cellist who's roommate has gone missing and maybe the victim Berlin's investigating. Soon he falls for Helena hard and risks everything to protect her as well as find the killer while batting scrutny from his co-workers and one tough interrogator St.Anne (John Malkovich). The film was written and directed by Bruce Robinson, who made the recent Johnny Depp comedy, The Rum Diary.

Music written by Chris Young except "Humming Song (From Madame Butterfly)" (Giacomo Puccini) and "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht" (F. Gruber/J. Mohr).

Christopher Young's score for this detective thriller is based on slow, contemplative piano figures augmented with strings in the wistful, ominous, and threatening tones consistent with the movie's theme. Bits of "Madame Butterfly" and "Silent Night" fill out the score.

CD1: Original Score by Christopher Young
01. Jennifer 8 [02:05]
02. What You See [01:50]
03. Eight To Nine [02:00]
04. Still Life [05:14]
05. Black Winter [02:28]
06. Eyes Of A Child [01:39]
07. Cello For Helena [02:36]
08. See No Evil [06:42]
09. Retrograde [01:28]
10. Blind Faith [02:42]
11. Talking Elevator [02:12]
12. Outfoxed [02:17]
13. Malice Aforethought [03:16]
14. Brain Vanish [05:17]
15. See How They Run [01:26]
16. I Remember Red [01:54]
17. Up On A Star [02:13]

CD2: Rejected Score by Maurice Jarre
01. Main Title [02:14]
02. What You See [01:38]
03. Frozen Hand / Dig Jennifer [01:35]
04. Braille Reader / Tea Time / Elevator Man / Hello Helena [01:44]
05. .22 Bullet [01:29]
06. On Your Own / Cello Solo / Breathless / Cafe Chat [03:00]
07. Vw Van / Van Search / Picking Lock [03:35]
08. No Braille [02:33]
09. Xmas Threat / Not Wrong / Up The Ladder / Flashlight (Pt. 1) [02:48]
10. Flashlight (Pt. 2) [02:02]
11. Flashlight (Pt. 3) / Ross Shot / Deviate Calls [03:36]
12. First Degree / Taxi Ride / Needed Friend [01:46]
13. No Lies / Ashtray [03:16]
14. Main Title (Alternate) [02:17]
15. Hello Helena (Pad Stem) [00:38]
16. Van Search (Alternate) [01:19]
17. Ross Shot / Deviate Calls (Alternate Mix) [02:48]
18. Taxi Ride (Alternate) [02:25]




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