Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wall Street: Money never sleeps

September 21 Todo Mundo released the soundtrack to new film Wall Street: Money never sleeps composer Craig Armstrong.

The movie Wall Street: Money never sleeps - the continuation of the legendary 1987 film Wall Street.

The new film tells the movers and shakers of the financial world, which after release from prison finds himself in a completely different world. But this is not a hindrance to its movement upwards.

The soundtrack contains 12 tracks - a song by Talking Heads, three fast track composer Craig Armstrong and 8 songs by David Byrne and Brian Eno from the album «My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts»

Track list:
1. Prison - Craig Armstrong
2. Home - David Byrne, Brian Eno
3. Life Is Long - David Byrne, Brian Eno
4. Sleeping Up - David Byrne
5. Strange Overtones - David Byrne, Brian Eno
6. Money - Craig Armstrong
7. My Big Nurse - David Byrne, Brian Eno
8. Helicopter Reveal - Craig Armstrong
9. Tiny Apocalypse - David Byrne
10. Lazy - David Byrne
11. I Feel My Stuff - David Byrne, Brian Eno
12. This Must Be the Place - Talking Heads


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