Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Social Network Soundtrack [2010]

While not exactly surprising, The Social Network soundtrack, which was produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, is extremely dark sounding. The five demo tracks which are currently available for download, have a mixture of electronic sounds combined with single note piano melodies.

If I were to judge the movie based on this soundtrack, it would sound as though this movie will be extremely heavy and dark. You can almost see the evil villain (the role the movie portrays Mark Zuckerberg as) plotting to steal the social network from the Winkelvoss brothers and then navigating the dark hallways of courtrooms and other less than desirable locations. A mix between depression and an acid trip, this soundtrack is as trippy or surreal as it could possibly get. While I haven’t seen the movie yet, the soundtrack is extremely dark. Then again, most Nine Inch Nails tracks are!

The film, based on the book “Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale o Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal,” focuses on the drama behind the Harvard dorm room creation of popular social networking site Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates.

The picture’s cast includes Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg (not a close resemblance really), Justin Timberlake as Napster founder Sean Parker (an eventual executive in the company) as well as Andrew Garfield, Rooney Mara, Rashida Jones and Max Minghella. Powerhouse producers Scott Rudin , Mike DeLuca and Kevin Spacey make the creative mix even more intriguing.

Aaron Sorkin (Charlie Wilson’s War) wrote the script for The Social Network, which will hit theaters on October 15th (or 1st somewhere).

Track listing:
1. "Hand Covers Bruise" 4:18
2. "In Motion" 4:56
3. "A Familiar Taste" 3:35
4. "It Catches Up With You" 1:39
5. "Intriguing Possibilities" 4:24
6. "Painted Sun In Abstract" 3:29
7. "3:14 Every Night" 4:03
8. "Pieces Form the Whole" 4:16
9. "Carbon Prevails" 3:53
10. "Eventually We Find Our Way" 4:17
11. "Penetration" 1:14
12. "In the Hall of the Mountain King" 2:21
13. "On We March" 4:14
14. "Magnetic" 2:10
15. "Almost Home" 3:33
16. "Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise" 1:52
17. "Complication with Optimistic Outcome" 3:19
18. "The Gentle Hum of Anxiety" 3:53
19. "Soft Trees Break the Fall" 4:44


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