Sunday, May 29, 2011

FLAC this one

Even Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides is far from good level comparing with last two films and the music is being destroyed by lots of remixes and Hans Zimmer remote controls but if you still want better quality of the album just look in here.

Track list:
Guilty Of Not Being Innocent Of Jack Sparrow (1:42)
Angelica (4:17)
Mutiny (2:48)
The Pirate That Should Not Be (3:55)
Mermaids (8:05)
South Of Heaven's Chanting Mermaids (5:48)
Palm Tree Escape (3:06)
Blackbeard (5:05)
Angry And Dead Again (5:33)
On Stranger Tides (2:44)
End Credits (1:59)
Guilty Of Being Innocent Of Being Jack Sparrow Remixed - DJ Earworm (2:45)
Angelica (Grant Us Peace) Remixed - Ki:Theory (3:08)
The Pirate That Should Not Be Remixed - Photek (6:26)
Blackbeard Remixed - Super Smash Bros & Thieves (5:26)
South Of Heaven's Chanting Mermaids Remixed - Paper Diamond (3:32)
Palm Tree Escape Remixed - Adam Freeland (5:28)
Angry And Dead Again Remixed - Static Avenger (5:49)


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