Thursday, June 30, 2011

TF3: Dark of the Moon Score [2011]

Did you in love with the film. If so and there is no reason you not take the score from Steve Jablonsky. Even at this very moment I did not find my time for this film but with the music why not.

TF3 score was scheduled to released on 28 June on iTune store and 2nd July for normal CD. So lossless version would be later at this moment. Some of favourite songs which suit my taste are Dark Side of the Moon, Lost Signal, In Time You'll See, It's Our Fight.

Track listing
1. Dark On The Rock
2. Sentinel Prime
3. Lost Signal
4. In Time You’ll See
5. Impress Me
6. What War Destroyed, We Can Rebuild
7. Battle
8. There Is No Plan
9. We All Work for the Deceptions
10. The Fight Will Be Your Own
11. Driller
12. No Prisoners, Only Trophies
13. Ospreys
14. It’s Our World Now
15. I’m Just the Messenger
16. I Promise
17. The World Needs You Now


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