Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Les Yeux De Sa Mère (His Mother's Eyes) Soundtrack [2011]


Mathieu Roussel is a novelist who once wrote an extremely successful novel. Since then, lacking inspiration, he has been forced to write unauthorized biographies under a pen name. His new target is Léna Weber (Catherine Deneuve) once a world-famous reporter and now a media icon anchorwoman on the leading French network. To reach out to her and to become her Personal Assistant, he uses his past relationship with her daughter, Maria Canalès (Géraldine Pailhas), a prima ballerina committed to her father's political engagement in Spain. Trying to play daughter against mother for his book, he secretly starts seeing Maria again. Mathieu never imagined that by setting both of them up in order to dig for material for his book, he could find himself trapped. He will have no other choice than to eventually bring these two women together. In doing so, he will also help Maria reveal a long-kept secret.  Bruno, a 20-year-old boy living with his parents in Brittany, is not yet aware of all the consequences this story will have on his existence.

The beautiful and compassionate guitar-based score was composed and performed by Academy Award winner, Gustavo Santaolalla.

01. Les Yeux De Sa Mère
02. Retrouvailles
03. Bruno
04. La Lettre
05. Duo
06. Intimité
07. Intrusion
08. Le Sourire De Maria
09. Premiers Pas
10. Jean-Baptiste Lafarge - Mon Fils
11. Rendez-Vous
12. Dans Les Yeux De Bruno
13. Ma Mère
14. La Fuite Dans Paris
15. Chagrin
16. Je Me Souviens
17. Lena
18. Chaos
19. Sous Le Regard De Mathieu



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