Monday, September 26, 2011

Young Guns II Soundtrack [1990-2011]

For the 1990 sequel to the surprise hit Young Guns, Alan Silvestri was brought on board to provide a strong, masculine score for a striking band of outlaws led by Billy the Kid. Silvestri had scored another western of sorts that year with the final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy. But Young Guns II would mark Silvestri’s first work on a “real” western, and it offered the composer an opportunity to create not only rousing action but also music of surprising dramatic weight and power—truly one of the composer’s finest works. Part of the challenge on both Young Guns movies was to embrace the sound of a traditional western score while echoing the “rock star” aesthetic of Billy the Kid and his gang. With his background as a guitarist and drummer and over a decade of experience in both electronic and orchestral film scoring, Silvestri was uniquely suited to tackle this challenge. His main Young Guns theme has all the sweep and energy of a classic western melody, with a subtle south-of-the-border flavor and an almost pious ending cadence of four notes that idolizes Billy and the gang with pop rock fervor and eulogizes them with weary resolve.

Young Guns II contunues the story of Billy the Kid, Scurlock and Chavez, as well as new characters played by Christian Slater, Alan Ruck and young Balthazar Ghetty. Young Guns II focused on the famous, closing chapter of the Billy the Kid story: Billy’s relationship with Pat Garrett, a man who once rode with the Kid but who would eventually turn on the young outlaw and help authorities to track him down.

01. Scars [05:12]
02. Small Hands [03:06]
03. Lynch Mob [04:12]
04. Finish the Game [02:51]
05. Yoo Hoo [02:45]
06. Devil's Deal [01:27]
07. More Than Hello [02:35]
08. Tom Sees the Light [01:31]
09. Coy Dog [02:39]
10. Ride To Guano City [01:10]
11. Battle [02:47]
12. Little Tom Dies [06:49]
13. Garrett's Place [01:11]
14. Chavez's Wound [03:03]
15. You Gonna Shoot? [03:34]
16. Stolen Horse (Finale) [01:20]

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