Wednesday, September 21, 2011

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Deluxe Edition Soundtrack [2000-2011]

O Brother, Where Art Thou? is one of the 10 top-selling soundtracks of all time (according to the RIAA), the No. 1-selling soundtrack and the 17th biggest album of the 21st Century, with more than nine million albums sold. On August 23, UMe celebrated this 10th Anniversary with an expanded two-CD set, O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Deluxe Edition, with legendary original producer T Bone Burnett personally involved in all aspects of this release.

The new tracks from artists like, Colin Linden, The Cox Family and John Hartford and are mixed in with the 19 tracks found on the original O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack release. The interesting fact is that all of these “new” tracks, save one, were recorded at the time of the original recordings but for various unspecified reasons were not used in the original soundtrack release.


01-Po Lazarus (4:32)
02-Big rock candy mountain (2:18)
03-You are my sunshine (4:24)
04-Down to the river to pray (2:56)
05-I am a man of constant sorrow (radio station version) (3:09)
06-Hard time killing floor blues (2:44)
07-I am a man of constant sorrow (instrumental) (4:29)
08-Keep on the sunny side (3:35)
09-I'll fly away (3:58)
10-Didn't leave nobody but the baby (1:59)
11-In the highways (1:37)
12-I am weary (let me rest) (3:16)
13-I am a man of constant sorrow (instrumental) (2:35)
14-O death (3:21)
15-In the jailhouse now (3:37)
16-I am a man of constant sorrow (with band) (4:17)
17-Indian war whoop (1:31)
18-Lonesome valley (4:08)
19-Angel band (2:20)

Total time: 1:00:46


01-Hard time killing floor blues (1:15)
02-You are my sunshine (3:29)
03-Tishomingo blues (2:01)
04-I'll fly away (2:32)
05-Big rock candy mountain (1:42)
06-Tom Devil (5:19)
07-Keep on the sunny side (2:36)
08-Angel band (0:58)
09-Big rock candy mountain (2:18)
10-Little Sadie (1:50)
11-In the highways (2:12)
12-Hogfoot (3:47)s
13-The lord will make a way (2:36)
14-In the jailhouse now (3:05)

Total time: 35:40

Total time 2CD's: 1:36:26


This come with FLAC if you like.



  2. I think this soundtrack is terrific. When I grew up in the sixties, I remember being addicted to old time music and listening to it on our tube mono upright phonograph. Of course I didn't realize it was old time music as a little kid. I just knew it was easy to latch onto. This CD reminds me how much the world and popular music as changed.


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