Saturday, March 3, 2012

Act of Valor Soundtrack [2012]

Act of Valor follows a Navy SEAL squad on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent, and in the process takes down a complex web of terrorist cells determined to strike America at all costs.
The filmmakers had unprecedented Naval access resulting in high-octane combat sequences and never-before-seen military operation scenes which are composited from actual events in the lives of the men appearing in the film and their comrades.
Along with the real-life SEALs the film stars Roselyn Sanchez (Rush Hour 3), Emilio Rivera (Next Day Air) and Alex Veadov (Drag Me to Hell).
The film was directed by ex-stuntmen and documentary filmmakers/commercial directors Mike “Mouse” McCoy (Dust to Glory) and Scott Waugh (Step Into Liquid) and written by Kurt Johnstad (300) and stars Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez and Nestor Serrano.

Act of Valor is set for a February 17th, 2012 release.

The score composed by Nathan Furs.

Track listing
01. Ethos (01:57)
02. Act of Valor (02:58)
03. Cristo (01:12)
04. Bonfire (01:51)
05. Saying Goodbye/Torturing Morales (02:30)
06. Night Drop (03:11)
07. Swcc Boats (02:56)
08. Covert Infil (03:19)
09. Exfil Now (05:00)
10. Contact Rear (02:26)
11. The Calm After (02:02)
12. Shibal's Vest (01:53)
13. African Recon (06:02)
14. Infil Cedros Island (03:36)
15. Kill Box (04:28)
16. El Centro Cartel (07:52)
17. Milk Factory (05:18)
18. Warrior's End (04:34)
19. Engle's Legacy (Funeral) (03:38)
20. Damn Few (02:05)


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