Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Score [2012]

You can now get the original score from The Hunger Games by James Newton Howard. This is something we were really looking forward to, because there were some exceptional themes throughout the movie. We especially liked the Appalachian-sounding parts when Katniss searches for Peeta or receives silver parachutes. Some of the Capitol fanfares are spectacular too.

One of the unlucky thing is this version now not in good quality. Anyhow good music's deserved to listen to. I'll inform for better version. See ya.

 Track list
1. The Hunger Games
2. Katniss Afoot
3. Reaping Day
4. The Train
5. Entering The Capitol
6. Preparing The Chariots
7. Horn Of Plenty
8. Penthouse/Training
9. Learning The Skills
10. The Countdown
11. Booby Trap
12. Healing Katniss
13. Rue's Farewell
14. We Could Go Home
15. Searching For Peeta
16. The Cave
17. Muttations
18. Tenuous Winners/Returning Home


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