Thursday, March 15, 2012

Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III
Let your imagination wander to the far distant places where knights ride off to battle and black mages call forth their summon beasts. Final Fantasy I-III are representatives of the Japanese RPG, Nobuo Uematsu's music inspires generations of gamers with their classiness. Bitrates were low in those days, yet nothing could hide the beauty if those melodies, now, the music producer is back himself to produce the piano arrangements of his themes. From the emotional pieces to the battle music to the medleys that takes listeners around all the fascinating spots in the game, the soundtrack brings back the good old times and sooth away fatigue.

Track listing
1. Prelude ~ Opening (Final Fantasy)
2. Main Theme (Final Fantasy)
3. Street Medley (Final Fantasy I/II/III)
4. Gurgu Volcano (Final Fantasy)
5. Matoya’s Cave (Final Fantasy)
6. Main Theme (Final Fantasy II)
7. Rebel Army Theme (Final Fantasy II)
8. Magician’s Tower (Final Fantasy II)
9. Battle Medley (Final Fantasy I/II/III)
10. Endless Ocean (Final Fantasy III)
11. The Cave Where the Crystal is (Final Fantasy III)
12. Eternal Wind (Final Fantasy III)
13. Final Battle (Final Fantasy III)


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