Monday, March 26, 2012

The Chronicle Soundtrack [2012]

Josh Trank's feature film directorial debut "Chronicle" is about three high schools students who gain uncanny superpowers from a mysterious substance. Soon, as they learn more about their abilities, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as their darker sides begin to take over.
The film stars Michael B. Jordan (Pastor Brown), Michael Kelly (The Adjustment Bureau, Fair Game) and Alex Russel (Almost Kings, Wasted on the Young). Also starring are Dane DeHaan, Ashley Hinshaw, Anna Wood, Joe Vaz and Luke Tyler.
The "Chronicle" soundtrack album includes 14 electro and indie rock tracks from the movie by artists including Blond Acid Cult, The LongCut, Bad Veins, Neighbors, Eastern Block, Simian Mobile Disco, Deastro, Capsule, Congorock and M83. The album is released through Milan Records and is now available on Amazon and iTunes. However, three tracks - "Friends" by Neighbors, "Future" by Eastern Block and "Baptism" by Crystal Castles - are not included in the iTunes version, and "Bone Dry" by AB & The Sea which is in iTunes is not included in the Amazon version.
Jessie J's "Price Tag" which is featured in the film's trailer is not included in the film's soundtrack album.
Track list
1. Blonde Acid Cult – “Calypso”
2. The Longcut – “Tell You So”
3. Bad Veins – “Gold and Warm”
4. A B & The Sea – “Bone Dry”
5. Deastro – “The Shaded Forests”
6. Simian Mobile Disco – “Sweetbread”
7. Capsule – “Flashback”
8. Congorock – “Sirius”
9. STRFKR – “Bury Us Alive
10. Class Actress – “Keep You”
11. Bikini – “American Mourning”
12. M83 – “This Bright Flash”


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