Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shanghai Soundtrack [2010]

In the months leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, an American man (Cusack) arrives in Shanghai to find his friend Conner recently murdered. After further investigation, Cusack realizes Conner had an affair with Japanese Captain Tanaka's lover, Sumiko. Unconvinced that Sumiko betrayed Conner, he later dons his Nazi-sympathizer/German cover and he meets Mr. Lang-Ting (Chaw Yun-Fat) and Captain Tanaka (Ken Watanabe). Paul later uncovers numerous photos Conner took, in his darkroom, some of which include Captain Tanaka and his officers. After a few bizarre encounters with Ms. Lang-Ting (Gong Li) and Antony Lang-Ting, Paul realizes that Mrs. Lang-Ting secretly leads the Resistence-a group that is anti-Japanese,while her husband, Anthony, who is partners with Captain Tanaka's soldiers, is oblivious to this. In investigating his friend's death, he stumbles upon a secret the United States government has been keeping and falls in love in the process.


Track list
01. Torture
02. Where Is She
03. Harbor Chase
04. Conner Killed
05. Enter Anna
06. Conner's Coffin
07. Bamboo Tea House
08. Captain Tanaka
09. Sumiko's Apartment
10. Fashion Show
11. Teatime
12. Moving Sumiko
13. Anna Tea Date (Alternate)
14. Grammaphone (Alternate)
15. Archive Flashback
16. Dead Guests
17. Night Spy
18. Will You Confirm
19. Tanaka Lie
20. Opium House
21. Ships Missing
22. Counterfeiter
23. Passport Pickup
24. Barn Talk
25. Train Station
26. Tanaka Torture
27. Kita Killed
28. Get Out
29. Paul Escape
30. Lang Ting's Deal
31. Sumiko's Death
32. Car Escape
33. Saving Lang Tin
34. Evacuation
35. Leaving Shanghai



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