Monday, August 29, 2011

Can you find Wall-E?

This a bit fuzzy finding the little guy but can you. All are bots from most famous films around which can be count like Castle in the Sky, Robots, Wall-E, I Robot, Star Wars, War of the World, Matrix, Ghost in the Shell famous Tachikoma, Tom and Jerry, the golden owl from old Clash of the Titans if you remember, some cut robots from Batteries not Included, Robot Cop, The day the Earth Stood Still, little guys from Transformers, Terminator, Astro Boy, Lost in Space, Short Circuit number 5 or even new one from Real Steel i think and last but not least Android bot ahhaha. Very funny. But where is Wall-E? Errr and no luck we can find Iron man this time.

May I back to this post latter if I remember more bots. Enjoy your time.

PS: Follow this image original location for larger view and please dun blame me for this.

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