Friday, August 5, 2011

Viento en Contra Soundtrack [2011]

Most people probably haven't heard of this new action thriller - a slick Mexican production picked up by Warner Bros and starring the gorgeous Barbara Mori – but if you are a fan of big Hollywood style action thriller music, this one is for you. Alfons Conde (The Abandoned, The Dark Hour and No-Do) has created a marvellous, highly exciting and very classy orchestral score for the film, filled with exquisite action writing (think Broughton meets Powell), gripping suspense and, also, a great love theme.

According to the press release for Alfons Conde's score for Viento en Contra this is the: "stuff you normally only hear in big Hollywood movies - think James Newton Howard, Jerry Goldsmith with a dash of John Powell and a sophisticated, elegant orchestral language that has a lot in common with John William."

Track listing
01. Main Titles (01:54)
02. Patrick & Luisa (02:22)
03. A Day at Work (02:22)
04. Murdered (02:48)
05. The Escape (06:32)
06. Sofia Hacks In (01:23)
07. Talking to Matias (02:10)
08. Luisa's Apartment (02:05)
09. The Car Chase (02:46)
10. At Don Roman's (01:52)
11. The Bus Station (01:04)
12. Kidnapped and Back at the Crime Scene (03:52)
13. Two Fugitives (02:32)
14. The Resendis Residence (02:50)
15. At the Subway (01:41)
16. Reunion with Patrick (03:00)
17. Entering Justino's Computer (04:52)
18. Disappointment in Valle (04:56)
19. Meet the Gang (06:16)
20. Air Fight (06:22)
21. The Little Prince (01:08)


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