Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grace Quigley Soundtrack [1984-2011]

An unusual soundtrack from John Addison – penned for an even more unusual late film with Katherine Hepburn! The score has a nice mix of Addison's two most familiar modes – his ear for writing large, full charts rich in feeling – similar to some of his famous historical soundtracks – and his way of interspersing these larger themes with some more playful, whimsical numbers – usually carried off here with a smattering of 80s instrumentation that sets them off nicely! These latter cuts almost feel like they're pulled right out of an early 80s Italian comedy, and certainly broaden the appeal of the record. As usual with these great Quartet reissues, there's lots of notes on the film and the music – and enough bonus tracks to make for a whopping 26 cut package! Titles include "Oscar", "The Proposal", "Wish Me Luck", "Putnam's Short Cut", "The Geriatric", and "The Lovely Death Of Mr Jenkins". (Limited edition of 1000 copies.)


Agenzia omicidi (Italy)
Grace Quigleys letzte Chance (West Germany)
The Ultimate Solution of Grace Quigley (USA) (alternative title)
Track listing
1. Main Title (2:50)
2. Oscar (0:46)
3. Mr. Argo Shot/Grace In The Car/Seymour Flint (2:32)
4. Wish Me Luck (1:10)
5. The Proposal (1:40)
6. An Act Of Pity/You're Late!/Mr. Jenkins (2:04)
7. The Farewell Party (1:38)
8. The Lovely Death Of Mr. Jenkins (2:41)
9. The Geriatric (2:22)
10. Customers/Rest Homes (3:15)
11. None Sing Again/The Plan (1:34)
12. Bulletin Boards (1:14)
13. Putnam's Short Cut (1:14)
14. Hidden Gun/The Killing Of Mr. Putnam/Emily's First (2:09)
15. The Funeral Chase (2:11)
16. Seymour Shot To Grace/Pillow Ride/Beach Revisited/Mum And Son (4:40)
17. End Credits (1:57)
18. Radio Lieder (0:16)
19. Radio Source (1:28)
20. The Lovely Death Of Mr. Jenkins (1:21) alternate version
21. The Geriatric (2:19) alternate version
22. Rest Homes (2:11) alternate version 1
23. Rest Homes (2:11) alternate version 2
24. End Credits (1:55) alternate version
25. Funeral Source (4:26)
26. Emily's Hat (0:47)


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