Thursday, November 10, 2011

NCIS The Official TV Score [2011]

Instead of merely compiling brief snippets of musical cues -- the norm for most score soundtracks -- NCIS composer Brian Kirk created each of the album’s 14 tracks by mixing various musical pieces from the show’s episodes into standalone suites of music. The resulting album provides the listener with a unique and immersive audio experience, presenting the NCIS music in a cohesive format designed to be listened to as fans would any of their favorite albums.

This first score soundtrack from the worldwide hit television series follows two previous hit NCIS soundtracks that compiled songs featured in the show during its first seven seasons – many of them previously unreleased and exclusive to those albums. As a bonus for the show’s fans, NCIS: The Official TV Score also features a 15th track: the first commercial release of the “NCIS Main Theme” that has opened each series episode for the past eight seasons.

Track listing
1. My Boss is a Sniper/Gibbs' Rules
2. Tony and Ziva Under Covers
3. Bag and Tag
4. Enemies: Foreign and Domestic
5. Double-O DiNozzo
6. Aliyah
7. Gathering Intel
8. Abby in Wonderland
9. DiNozzo, Take McGee
10. Gibbs Visits an Old Friend
11. Vance's Dossier
12. Ducky's Whisper to the Departed
13. Ziva Betrayed
14. Gibbs in the Heartland
15. Ncis Main Theme


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