Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Centurion Soundtrack [2010]

With acclaimed scores such as the epic fantasy work Stardust, the classically elegant The Young Victoria and the recent action hit Kick Ass, British composer Ilan Eshkeri is quickly establishing himself as a major new name in film music.

His score for Neil Marshall’s new Roman/Celtic adventure, Centurion, is probably his most intense, adrenaline-pumping and relentlessly dramatic score so far – a large orchestral score, performed with precision and stamina by the London Metropolitan Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road. Interesting instrumental colours such as the highly unusual Scottish instrument, the Carnyx, and the Bodhrán, add a unique dimension to the score.

Eshkeri made extensive research of Celtic music before he began work on the actual writing, and based his thematic material on discoveries of old folk songs he made when listening to old BBC recordings from the furthest reaches of the British Isles. We are very proud to be working for the first time with Ilan and hope that this is only the first of many projects we’ll do together.

Centurion, directed by Neil Marshall, is based on the legend of the ill-fated Ninth Legion, which mysteriously disappeared in the 1st Century.

AD 117: The Roman Empire stretches from Egypt to Spain, and east as far as the Black Sea. But in Scotland, the relentless onslaught of conquest has ground to a halt in the face of the guerrilla tactics of an elusive enemy - the savage and terrifying tribes known as the Picts.

Centurion Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Pictish raid on a Roman frontier fort, is rescued by the legion of Titus Flavius Virilus, which has been ordered into Caledonia to wipe out the Picts and to kill their king, Gorlacon. When the legion is wiped out in a surprise attack, Dias and six other survivors race to rescue their captured general before they can head back toward the safety of the Roman frontier.

Track list:
1 Centurion 3.06
2 Fort Attack 1.08
3 The Ninth Ride Out 3.00
4 Quintus Escapes 1.37
5 Arianne 1.10
6 The Ninth March On 1.34
7 The General Falls 2.09
8 On the Run 2.31
9 The Village 2.50
10 Funeral 1.18
11 She Wolf (Etain) 2.34
12 A Sacred Rite 3.24
13 We Are the Prey 2.26
14 Waterfall 3.41
15 Necromancer 2.58
16 Wolves 2.51
17 Battle at the Fort 3.57
18 Quintus Returns 1.01
19 Fate of the Ninth 2.03

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