Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nanga Parbat Soundtarck [2010]

Two brothers. One mountain. Their fate. Even as children brothers Günther and Reinhold Messner shared the ambition of one day climbing the 8000 metre high "naked mountain", Nanga Parbat, in the Himalaya. Under the leadership of expedition head Dr. Karl Maria Herrligkoffer (Karl Markovics) they get their chance in 1970. At this point Reinhold Messner is 25 years old, his brother just 23. An international mountain-climbing elite is to conquer to the mountain on the legendary Rupal face.

After a warning of adverse weather Reinhold Messner (Florian Stetter) makes the decision to reach the peak of the mountain alone. The younger brother, who has less experience, follows Reinhold Messner. During the descent begins their fight for survival, Günther succumbing to altitude sickness. Only Reinhold returns to the valley alive ...


01. The Spirit of the Mountains
02. Dreams of Higher Altitudes
03. Leaving Home
04. New Old Land
05. Climbing
06. Ice Glass
07. When There’s Will
08. Moving Up
09. Cold Solitude
10. Reaching the Top
11. Lost and Confused
12. The Spirit Will Survive
13. The Rescue
14. The Inner Road
15. The Aftermath
16. The Dark Solitude of Angels
17. Visions of the End / The Second Summit
18. Among the Mortals Again
19. Epilogue / The Circle of Life and Death
20. Where the Mountains Meet the Sky - Hubert von Goisern

Total Time: 00:45:32

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