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Robin Hood Soundtrack [2010]

The score for Robin Hood is epic and blissful. Telling the story of Robin Hood's early days, composer Marc Streitenfeld captures the essence of the time period and the feeling of medieval Britain. The music is melodic and strong in the necessary places, yet driving and full of action in others. This is a packed album. There are 22 tracks of score music, all tracks are fully enjoy as you pass through the album.

Streitenfeld, whose other works include American Gangster and Body of Lies, or just a fan of film scores, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Some of the album highlights are "Siege," "Returning the Crown," and "Preparing for Battle," but there really aren't any bad tracks on the album. Distributed by Varese Sarabande, Streitenfeld is an obvious protégé of Academy Award nominee Hans Zimmer. Streitenfeld served as an assistant and editor on Zimmer's albums for Mission: Impossible II, The Last Samurai, The Rock, and many more.

It is late 12th century England and Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) is a common archer in the Third Crusade. Following the death of Richard the Lionheart in battle, Robin and three other common soldiers- Alan A'Dale, Will Scarlett, and Little John- attempt to return to their homeland, having spent ten years fighting abroad. Along the way they come across an ambush of the King's guard by Sir Godfrey (Mark Strong), an English Knight with French lineage and allegiance. The King of France had ordered Sir Godfrey to assassinate Richard. Having discovered the King is already slain Sir Godfrey is chased off by the arrival of Robin and his companions. Aiming to return to England safely and richer in pocket than they left it, Robin and his men steal the armour of the slain Knights and head for the English ships on the coast under the guise of noblemen. Before leaving the scene of slaughter Robin promises a dying Knight, Sir Robert Loxley, to return a sword to the man's father in Nottingham.

Upon arrival in England, Robin (who has assumed the identity of Loxley) is chosen to inform the Royal family of the King's death and witnesses the crowning of King John (Oscar Isaac), who is the younger brother of the recently-deceased Richard. The arrogant King John shows no remorse to his poor Kingdom and demands harsh taxes to be collected, sending Sir Godfrey off to the North with the task of raising revenue. Unbeknownst to King John, Sir Godfrey is an agent of the French King and uses this Royal Decree to stir up enough unrest to cause Civil War in England.

Robin and his companions head to Nottingham, where Loxley's father, Walter (Max von Sydow) asks him to continue impersonating his son, in order to prevent the family lands being taken by the crown. Loxley's widow, Lady Marion (Cate Blanchett), is initially distrustful of Robin, but soon warms to him when he recovers taxed grain for the townsfolk to plant.

Meanwhile, Godfrey's actions have stirred up the northern Barons, who march to meet King John, and demand the signing of a charter of rights. Having realized Godfrey's deception, and knowing he must reunite his people in order to meet an imminent French invasion, the King agrees. A battle follows shortly where Godfrey's men are interrupted while ransacking Nottingham, and chased off by Robin and the northern Barons.

The film climaxes with an invasion on England's south coast by the French, who are met as they land by the English army. The English are victorious in the ensuing battle, during which Robin slays Godfrey with a well-placed arrow from a long distance. However, King John perceives the French surrendering to Robin, rather than to him, and John sees this as a major threat to his power. In the final scenes, King John reneges on his word to sign the Magna Carta, and declares Robin to be an outlaw. Thus, Robin moves to Sherwood Forest with Marian and his friends to form what will become the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest and win the accolade of Robin of the Hood (Robin Hood), becoming a legendary figure in English folklore.


01. Destiny (03:35)
02. Creatures (02:09)
03. Fate Has Smiled Upon Us (02:01)
04. Godfrey (03:32)
05. Ambush (01:14)
06. Pact Sworn In Blood (02:52)
07. Returning The Crown (01:13)
08. Planting The Fields (01:17)
09. Sherwood Forest (02:19)
10. John Is King (04:01)
11. Robin Speaks (02:31)
12. Killing Walter (01:58)
13. Nottingham Burns (02:11)
14. Siege (02:09)
15. Landing Of The French (02:46)
16. Walter’s Burial (03:04)
17. Preparing For Battle (02:38)
18. Charge (01:18)
19. Clash (02:41)
20. The Final Arrow (02:29)
21. The Legend Begins (01:27)
22. Merry Men (01:48)

Total Time: 00:51:13

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