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Ip Man 2 Soundtrack [2010]

Ip Man 2 Soundtrack [2010]

IP MAN 2 picks up the action in 1950 as Ip Man, with young son and heavily pregnant wife (Xiong Dai Lin) in tow, arrives in Hong Kong. Ip establishes his own Wing Chun martial arts school but struggles to bring in students, and therefore an income for his impoverished family, until the arrogant, yet inquisitive Wong Leung (Huang Xiaoming) appears. After taking a thrashing, Leung signs up along with a group of his friends and interest finally blossoms for this new fighting style. However, the other martial arts schools, in particular that of Hung Chun Nam (Sammo Hung), are reluctant to let Ip simply set up shop on their turf. When Leung gets into a fight with one of Hung's students (To Yu Hong) and is subsequently held for ransom, Ip Man is forced to face Hung and barter for his release.

The burning question going into IP MAN 2 was always whether or not it would touch on the great teacher's schooling of Bruce Lee. Suffice to say that the question is answered, albeit fleetingly, and suggests that if there is ever an IP MAN 3 it really has no excuses for not tackling that particular relationship head on. For now, however, what we get in large part is more of the same. For the first half at least, IP MAN 2 is every bit as good as its predecessor and although it does slip into more generic, melodramatic territory in its second half, perhaps even at the expense of showcasing the fighting talents of its stars, there is still plenty of top-drawer wing chun and hung kuen action to keep martial arts lovers satisfied. And after all, who are we to begrudge a film for attempting to infuse a bit of story in between its dispersing fists?

Track list
01. 聚、散
02. 當下
03. 武
04. 師徒
05. 無明
06. 講手
07. 營救
08. 泰然
09. 以武會友
10. 高下立見
11. 不相上下
12. 擾
13. 止戈為武
14. 目空一切
15. 正義
16. 仁義
17. 鍛
18. 前夕
19. 戰場
20. 同心
21. 回家
22. 葉問

Translate list
1.Poly, San
4.Master and apprentice
6.Speak hand
10.See compete with established
11.Equally matched
13.Only Military Prowess
21.Return home
22.Ip Man

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