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Letters from a Killer Soundtrack [1998-2010]

A man struggles to resolve a potentially deadly case of mistaken identity in this thriller. Though he stubbornly insists he is innocent, Race Darnell (Patrick Swayze) is sentenced to a term in prison for the murder of his wife. While behind bars, he begins corresponding through tape-recorded "letters" with several women at once; he mistakenly sends the wrong letter to the wrong woman one day and gets a recording back in which he angrily claims she is going to kill him. Race soon has other things to think about; he's finally cleared of his wife's murder and is released from jail, only to be accused of two other killings. Race is determined to prove he's not the man to blame, and this time he has the help of the guard who used to watch over him.

Letters from a Killer

Dennis McCarthy might be best known in fandom for his numerous next-gen STar Trek TV scores, let alone his feature entry with GENERATIONS. But it’s his score for Enterprise collaborator David Carson’s Letters From a Killer that proves to be one of McCarthy’s most interesting, and atypical works. For where the TREK galaxy may have mostly consigned him to not making much of a musical commentary, KILLER is an all-out opportunity for southern-style menace. Having played nicer country rhythms for Glenn Campbell and Barbara Mandrell, McCarthy greedily dived into this film’s far darker bluegrass possibilities, mixing a sinister orchestra with an underworld of snarling guitars as Patrick Swayze’s parolee gets stalked. With echoes of Ry Cooder, McCarthy’s sinister, and always captivating approach is as atmospheric as a foggy bayou.


01. Letters from a Killer: Main Title (02:58)
02. Visitor for you, Studly / Bishop to Rook Three / Race Remembers His Wife (04:22)
03. Morgan's Time / Bad Letters (03:43)
04. Retrial (01:45)
05. After the Fight (05:33)
06. Race Tells Lita / Race Plays the Tapes (03:22)
07. Race Follows Stephanie (02:05)
08. Pakula on the Air / Race on TV (02:47)
09. Cop Chase Race / Kansas, Huh? (03:16)
10. Fire Talk / Race & Horton Arrive (02:15)
11. The Farmhouse Shire / Race & Horton Search Barn / Murder by Car Horn (05:42)
12. Cotton Field Chase / Yee Ha Chase (03:03)
13. Helicopter Chase (03:59)
14. You've Got to Trust Me (04:45)
15. Stake Out Plan (04:18)
16. Lita's Anger (03:30)
17. Gloria Spills It / It's All on Tape (05:54)
18. Yee-Ha / Salt Plain (01:47)
19. Letters from a Killer: End Credits (03:21)
20. Bonus Track: Film Noir Suite (07:23)

Total Time: 01:15:48

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