Sunday, June 6, 2010

El Mal Ajeno (For The Good Of Others) Soundtrack [2010]

In this Spanish hospital-drama, Eduardo Noriega (Abre los ojos/Transsiberian) plays the main character, Diego, a doctor who has lost his passion for his work, and does not want to get too personal with any of his patients anymore. But one day, a pregnant woman tries to commit suicide, and is submitted to his care at the hospital. Her boyfriend is upset at the way Diego treats their case, and apparently tries to kill him, but instead of dying, Diego gets an incredible ability to heal people simply by touching them. However, Diego does not want this gift, and soon finds out that there is a much darker side to the ability, which makes his Jesus-like ability even less desirable, and he tries to get rid of it again.

The film is a careful reminder that we should all treasure what we have, as we never know when it will be gone for good. The acting and directing is brilliant, and leaves us with a very touching and emotional movie, which will be remembered long after seeing the film for the first time.


01. La Escala Del Dolor (04:51)
02. ¿Dónde Le Han Disparado? (04:31)
03. Tu Eres Mucho Más Guapo (01:11)
04. El Mal Ajeno (05:15)
05. Entonces, ¿Por Qué Sigue Viva? (02:12)
06. Ha Sido Por Tu Culpa (04:19)
07. ¿Le Has Puesto Nombre Ya? (01:59)
08. Lo He Hecho Muy Mal, ¿No? (04:53)
09. Él Me Curó (02:20)
10. No Puedo Perder A Mi Niña (05:51)
11. Ya Me Hago Cargo Yo (05:34)
12. Ponle El Que Tú Quieras (02:49)
13. Final (04:51)
14. I Will Run (04:01)

Total Time: 00:53:51

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