Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Habitación En Roma (Room in Rome) Soundtrack [2010]

Director Julio Medem, winner of the 2002 Best Director Golden Space Needle Award for Sex and Lucia returns with another steamy, incisive contemplation of life, sex, and romance. One early summer’s evening, Alba meets Natasha on the streets of Rome, as they spend their last day in the Eternal City. Alba invites Natasha to her hotel room where they embark on a 12-hour intimate, passionate, and physical journey that will mark their bodies and souls forever. The couple discusses past sexual exploits and relationships while also sharing their trepidations about what lies in their immediate futures. Come morning, the sunrise illuminates more than just their hotel window as the lovers have revealed deep secrets they’ve never shared before, emboldened by the belief that they will never meet again. In this Sapphic remake of the Chilean film In Bed (SIFF 2006), Medem combines the original’s lyrical eroticism with his own visual panache to craft a sensual exploration of love’s fickle caprice.

Elena Anaya y Natasha Yarovenko desnudas en "Habitación en  Roma" by foro-total.

From the producers of Cell 211, Morena Films, in association with Alicia Produce, Room in Rome comes the latest film written and directed by Julio Medem.


Filmed in Madrid and Rome, the eighth film by Julio Medem, stars Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko. Its release is scheduled for May 7, 2010. The world premiere of the film take place at the closing ceremony of the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga, which grants this year the Prize Retrospective (Málaga Hoy) Julio Medem.

01. Women's Magazine Tango
02. The Painting Speaks
03. Libera Me
04. Caesar's Rome
05. Secret Garden
06. The Room
07. Adam's Lullaby. Roman Mix
08. Conversation With An Absent Father
09. Aphrodite
10. Strange Fish Tango
11. Agora In Athens
12. Meeting Place
13. Enchantment
14. Pompei
15. Quarrel
16. Body Shapes
17. Il Tango Delle Rivista Femminile
18. Loving Strangers
19. Upset
20. Contigo

Total Time: 01:02:24

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    Room In Rome + En Roma + complete + soundtrack + album + mp3

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