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Alien Resurrection Soundtrack [1997-2010]

Presenting the expanded and remastered motion picture score to the 1997 Twentieth Century Fox feature film ALIEN RESURRECTION, starring Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder and Ron Perlman, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. John Frizzell (OFFICE SPACE, LEGION, WHITEOUT) composes a thrilling symphony of pulse-pounding action music – featuring some of the finest cues ever composed for the legendary ALIEN franchise. Produced by Nick Redman, Michael Matessino and Didier C. Deutsch, and remastered by Mark Wilder and Naria Triana, this special expanded release features almost 75 minutes of previously unreleased material, including alternate takes. Also included is a remastered version of the original 1997 album presentation. CD booklet features exclusive in-depth liner notes by Al Kaplan. This is a limited edition of 3500 Units.
[Matt Peterson]
Music for horror films is a risky business. The key to providing an effective score for a film such as this is create a sense of orderly chaos. The ultimate example of how to do this very will is Bernard Hermann’s Psycho. It is extremely easy to fall into a pattern of random, driving textures which have no connections or relations to musical coherency. Frizzell’s score, unfortunately, excels in the latter. In the film, the score to Alien Resurrection does fit the mood at certain parts. Even in that setting, however, it is quite disarrayed and incoherent. The lack of any solid thematic material hurts the viability of this music for the film, and destroys its listening potential on CD. If you are a fan of frenzied, angry techno/orchestral elements, by all means, check out John Frizzell’s attempt. However, if you crave well tailored, thematic material that relies on craftsmanship rather than utter conglomeration of random textures, look elsewhere.

CD 1

01. Main Title (02:12)
02. Entering the Ship (01:21)
Contains: Main Title ("Ripley's Theme") from Alien, composed by Jerry Goldsmith, published by Fox Fanfare Music Inc. (BMI)
03. Post-Op (01:21)
04. Make Us Proud / Meat By-Product (01:58)
05. Fiora 16 / Inbred (01:51)
06. Docking the Betty (01:19)
07. Face Huggers (02:11)
08. Basketball / Foot Massage / Fast Learner (03:56)
09. Call Finds Ripley (05:01)
10. Gun Fight (01:17)
11. The Aliens Escape (06:36)
12. Hose / Elgyn's Death / Ripley Believe It (03:57)
13. Twelve / Vriess Reappears / Telling Vriess (04:09)
14. Ripley Meets Her Clones (03:43)
15. After Tube Blow Up (01:18)
16. What's Inside Purvis? (04:25)
17. They Swim... (08:58)
18. Call's Fake (01:47)
19. The Chapel (03:17)
20. Mean Streak (01:42)
21. The Abduction (03:50)
22. Birth of the Newborn (04:52)

CD 2

01. Call Meets the Newborn (06:09)
02. Ripley and the Newborn (03:14)
03. Finale (01:59)
04. Alien March (End Credits) (03:26)

05. Main Title (alternate) (02:15)
06. Elgyn's Death (alternate) (03:03)
07. Finale (alternate-brass version) (01:58)
08. Finale (alternate #2) (01:51)

09. Main Title (02:08)
10. Post-Op (01:20)
11. Docking the Betty (01:17)
12. Priva Son D'Ogni Conforto (05:28)
from Handel's Julius Caesar, sung by Maureen Forrester; courtesy of BMG Classics
13. Face Huggers (02:12)
14. Call Finds Ripley (03:02)
15. The Aliens Escape (04:13)
16. Ripley Meets Her Clones (02:20)
17. What's Inside Purvis? (02:27)
18. They Swim... (06:27)
19. The Chapel (02:35)
20. The Abduction (03:34)
21. The Battle With the Newborn (06:03)
22. Ripley's Theme (02:12)


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