Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gold Soundtrack [2010]


Yuri Saotome is a charismatic beautician who runs a major sports gym and aesthetic salon. Her older brother died in an accident just before his opportunity to achieve a gold medal at the Olympics, so she chose to marry a wrestling gold medalist. After giving birth to four children, she and her husband broke off their marriage, leaving Yuri to raise the kids by herself. With their excellent genes, three of them have been raised as possible candidates for the next Olympic games.

One beautiful romantic soundtrack from Akira Senju. You can found in here lots of string and piano with soft melodies running through.

Track list
Disc 1
1.GOLD ~Main title (1:58)
2.虹色のメダル ~Main dream (2:27)
3.Dream on Dreams (2:15)
4.GOLD ~Vow (3:26)
5.Fight for Victory (1:53)
6.虹色のメダル ~Piano solo (2:53)
7.GOLD ~Lyric poetry (3:17)
8.Dream on Dreams ~Duo (3:21)
9.虹色のメダル ~Rest (1:59)
10.Dream on Dreams ~メランコリック (3:04)
11.Destiny and Sadness (3:03)
12.Dream on Dreams ~Spilitual (1:55)
13.虹色のメダル ~Go ahead (2:15)
14.GOLD ~Believe you (2:01)
15.虹色のメダル ~Orgel (1:21)
16.Wildflower ~Strings Version for GOLD (2:44)
17.Wildflower ~Piano Version for GOLD (3:00)

Disc 2
1.Got a GOLD (3:53)
2.Koni’s Bossa 01 (2:27)
3.Confliction (2:50)
4.Chatting (2:23)
5.Chrome Reflections (3:00)
6.Koni’s Jazzy Bridge 01 (0:10)
7.Seiko (2:24)
8.Iron Mind ~Koni’s 80’s #04~ (5:05)
9.Marble Stone (2:26)
10.Color of Blood (1:39)
11.Iron Mind ~Koni’s 80’s #04~ (Pf ver.) (2:36)
12.Koni’s Swing 01 (2:10)



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