Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elle s’appelait Sarah - Sarah's Key Soundtrack [2010]

[Tim G.]
A woman from the present becomes obsessed with tracking down a young woman from the past – for reasons even she can’t quite articulate – in Sarah’s Key, a staid but stubbornly involving drama. Though ostensibly yet another film about the horrors of the Holocaust, director Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s adaptation of Tatiana de Rosnay’s novel uses the atrocity as a treatise on personal survival and new beginnings that is eloquently delivered by star Kristin Scott Thomas.

As she did to great effect in I’ve Loved You So Long, Scott Thomas suggests worlds of sadness in her behaviour without ever expressing that discontent.

Track list
01. La java bleue - Frehel
02. The Round Up
03. The Buses
04. The Vel d'Hiv
05. Julia's Visit
06. The Camp
07. Time Piece
08. Secrets
09. Clouds 1
10. The Escape
11. When She Came Back
12. Clouds 2
13. The Tree, the Beach, the Sea
14. Julia's Dicovery
15. I Am Writing This Letter
16. Clouds 3
17. Julia's Journey
18. When She Went Away
19. The Journal
20. Julia Walking
21. All the Years Come Back
22. Sarah's Notebook
23. Easy Swing - Loren Wilfong
24. A Different Kind of Love - Dick Walter
25. Moonlight Magic - Alan Moorhouse
26. Oif'n veg shtait ah boim - Sarah Ber



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