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Cherry 2000 / The House of God [1984-1987-2011]

Intrada presents the return of Basil Poledouris' score to Cherry 2000 along with the premiere release of the same composer's score to The House of God. Recorded by the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra and augmented with shimmering electronics, Cherry 2000 provided Poledouris with a sense of creative freedom that infused his music with an offbeat, yet thrilling old school retro-western score. Poledouris’ theme for Cherry encapsulates her dream-like, tender and romantic sense, for unlike most “robot” scores, there’s nothing remotely threatening in Cherry’s hypnotically beautiful melody. The combined elements of romance, action, and heroics makes for a colorful and infectious musical program. This release features the same contents as the previous Prometheus release, with some slight alterations in sequencing.

Set in the year 2017, Cherry 2000 finds a society where recycling is king and production virtually nil. Robots are prized commodities, especially for mild-mannered Anaheim businessman Sam Treadwell (David Andrews), whose life is consumed by his total love for a girlfriend too perfect to be real. After Cherry (supermodel Pamela Gidley) blows her fuse during a bubbly lovemaking session, Sam finds that his only hope to resurrect her is to venture into the outlaw-filled desert wasteland, where another Cherry awaits her memory chip. He hires an equally beautiful, if far less lady-like “tracker” named E. Johnson (Melanie Griffith) for the task, and the duo engages in Road Warrior-inspired car chases, gunfights and much humorous bickering on their way to the robotfilled ruins of Las Vegas.

For The House of God, Poledouris scored this "dramedy" with an unconventional musical approach that would prove vital in uniting the film's volatile emotional tones, refining them by way of a classical score that could comment on the film’s satire while also playing its segues into graphically powerful medical drama. Baroque music had been a favorite way of playing to the pompousness of academia (as well as its rarefied origins), and that's no exception here. He scored his music for an economical but full-bodied chamber orchestra of strings (violin, viola, cello, bass), flute, alto flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, two French horns, two piccolo trumpets (doubling standard B-flat trumpets when called for), tuba, harpsichord, plus organ and light percussion. The results are distinct and transparent.

The House of God details the eventful year that a group of interns spend battling their own nerves and the money-grubbing callousness of the hospital hierarchy.

This release is limited to 1500 units.

Track listing
Cherry 2000
01. Main Title 1:59
02. Cherry Shorts Out 1:34
03. Movietone 0:58
04. Drive To Glory Hole 1:27
05. E Flips 1:20
06. The Barricades 1:54
07. Flashback #2 1:08
08. Photo Grab 1:14
09. Magneto 4:21
10. Pipeline 0:59
11. Waterslide 1:02
12. Jake's Jukebox 1:39
13. Lights Out 1:28
14. Lester Heads South 0:39
15. Trashin' Sky Ranch 3:26
16. Drive / Car Crash 1:58
17. Hooded Love 1:18
18. Truck Fight 2:14
19. Lester Follows 0:21
20. Drop 'Em 0:43
21. Randa Mic 0:44
22. Jake Shot 0:53
23. Plane Flies Into Vegas 1:04
24. Cherry Awakens 1:14
25. Lights On 1:54
26. Lester's Demise 5:04
27. End Title 0:40
Cherry 2000: The Extras
28. Photo Grab [Alternate Mix] 1:12
29. Lights On [Alternate Mix] 1:53
30. Lester Heads South [Alternate Mix] 0:40
The House Of God
31. Corridors 2:10
32. Corridors II 3:46
33. Angel Of Mercy 1:05
34. Chief Resident 1:53
35. Medicine / Dr. Leggio 1:08
36. Death Of Potts 2:01
37. Turf Of Jo 2:06
38. Roy & Molly 3:21


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