Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Way and Mind Heist from Zack Hemsey [2011]

Always looking to break the mold, Zack Hemsey is a creator by nature. From composing film score to writing candy companies with suggestive prose on how to improve their products, he has a thirst for things that inspire and move.

Blending the sound of the orchestra with modern elements and ethnic instrumentation, there is a definite intensity in his music. He is perhaps most renowned for his signature sound as the composer / lyricist in the hip-hop collective Nine Leaves.

If you love the guy these two albums should not out of your list.

Track listing
01. Vengeance 06:33
02. Redemption 03:10
03. Facing Demons 02:39
04. The Calling 03:22
05. Graven Image 02:04
06. Waiting Between Worlds 08:14
07. End Of An Era 03:36
08. This Is Our Legacy 03:10
09. See What I've Become 03:54
10. The Way 07:06

And the other older album Mind Heist which given me speechless in the mist of his sound.

Track listing
1. Mind Heist 02:09
2. Mind Heist: The Birth Of An Idea 03:47
3. Mind Heist: No Turning Back 02:33
4. Mind Heist: The Promise Of Tomorrow 01:23
5. Mind Heist: Evolution 06:15
6. Mind Heist: Beyond Control (bonus track) 00:50


With FLAC if you like.

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