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Shoot To Kill Soundtrack [1988-2011]

The 1988 Touchstone film Shoot to Kill quite frankly features one of John Scott's finest scores. Scott employs a single long-form, minor-mode melody to characterize and drive Shoot to Kill, and it is unquestionably one of the great motion picture themes of the 1980s. Performed by saxophone, full orchestra, or solo piano, it appears in many guises through this action score, with a sweeping nod to the grand outdoor adventure on screen. The complex construction of the melody paints a portrait of the conflict between protagonist and adversary, featuring shadowy opening notes that reinforce the sense of mystery at the same time they heroically characterize Warren Stantin (Sidney Poitier). Having grounded the score with this melody, Scott was free to take a wide variety of rhythmic and stylistic approaches, with action and suspense music that is robust, complex and varied as he tackles an abundance of situations from the tense hostage drama to the rigors of survival, a blanketing snowstorm, a grueling mountain climb, the tourists’ murder, a forest foot chase and the final trackdown, pursuit and confrontation with the villain on a ferry near the Canadian border. The result is an exciting, stylish and memorable action score, one of the hallmarks of ’80s cinema and, in its way, an impressive tribute to the durability and mystique of Sidney Poitier, one of the great icons of modern cinema.

In Shoot to Kill, FBI agent Warren Stantin is assigned to investigate a San Francisco jewelry store break-in—only to discover that the man about to abscond with two pounds of diamonds is the store owner whose wife is being held hostage by a mysterious criminal. This event turns into a manhunt that leads Stantin north where he employs the reluctant Jonathan Knox (Tom Berenger) to lead him through the mountains to find his girlfriend and fellow guide Sarah (Kirstie Alley) and her group (none of whom realize that there is a killer among them) before the suspect can escape into Canada.

This release is limited to 2000 units.

Track listing
1. Main Title (03:30)
2. Kill My Wife Next (06:37)
3. Boat Chase (05:13)
4. The Road Block (01:33)
5. Bishop's Falls (01:01)
6. Happy Campers (01:55)
7. Blazing Saddle (01:46)
8. I Hate The Woods (00:46)
9. Behold The Gorge (00:42)
10. It's A Long Way Down No.1 (00:38)
11. It's A Long Way Down No.2 (Parts I & II) (02:34)
12. Climbing Trek (02:50)
13. Not A Bear (00:29)
14. And The Killer Is (03:22)
15. Who's Jonathan (00:43)
16. The Bodies (03:23)
17. Say Your Name (02:22)
18. The Chimney (01:13)
19. The Storm (Part I) (02:04)
20. The Storm (Part II) (02:09)
21. Mr. Bear (01:03)
22. Sara's Best Shot (02:05)
23. Bingo (00:21)
24. Torching A Fence (02:06)
25. Let Her Go Or Die (10:51)
26. End Titles (03:50)

Bonus Tracks:
27. Kill My Wife Next (Original Version) (01:52)
28. Bishop's Falls (Original Version) (01:03)
29. It's A Long Way Down No.2 (Part II - Revised Version) (00:57)
30. Climbing Trek (Original Version) (03:02)
31. Roller Rink Source No.1 (02:33)
32. Roller Rink Source No.2 (01:59)

Total Duration: 01:16:32


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