Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chill Factor Soundtrack [1999-2011]

Composed primarily by Hans Zimmer and John Powell and assisted with additional music by MV composers Jeff Rona and Klaus Badelt, Chill Factor still remains an average to solid action score with all the trademarks but not enjoyable in a design like this.

Track listing
1. Horn Island
2. Device Reacts/Brynner to Jail
3. Fly Fishing
4. Team Gathers
5. Brynner at Diner
6. Facilities Raid
7. Long Dies/On the Hunt
8. Mason Confrontation
9. Brynner Catches On
10. Arlo
11. Motorcycle Chase
12. Boat Ride
13. Down the River (Part 1)
14. Down the River (Part 2)
15. Final Chase
16. Elvis on Ice/Trapped
17. Ladder Chase
18. End Credits
19. Suite
20. Man with an Icebox
21. Cold Thing (Chill Factor Theme)


FLAC this one.

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