Friday, July 8, 2011

La Notte Soundtrack [1961-2011]

Initially released in a 1960 EP with only 4 cues, the original score remained unavailable until 1996 when the Japanese label SCL issued a limited album that quickly sold out and became part of every fans' wish-list. The Japanese CD features 10 original tracks plus a 20-minutes suite comprising several alternates, outtakes as well as some previously unreleased tracks, all of which created some confusion.

For this new release, remastered and restored by Claudio Fuiano, we have been fortunate enough to be granted access to the original recording sessions tapes vaulted in Cinevox files in Rome, with a warm monaural sound. The outcome is a musical legacy of one of the most important movies in his most complete presentation to date.

Track listing
01. Lettura Della Lettera
02. Ballo Di Lidia
03. Voci Dal Fiume
04. Quartetto Sotto Le Stelle
05. Blues All'Alba
06. Valzer Lento
07. Notturno Blues
08. Finale
09. Jazz Interlude
10. Country Club
11. Ballo Di Lidia (salotto party)
12. Lettura Della Lettera (jazz per la sera)
13. La Notte (musica da ballo)
14. La Notte (cha-cha-cha)
15. Finale (take 2 La Notte)
16. Ballo Di Lidia (musica per i ragazzi fast)
17. Finale (take 3 La Notte)
18. Ballo Di Lidia (musica per i ragazzi slow)


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