Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Campa Carogna... La Taglia Cresce (Those Dirty Dogs) Soundtrack [1973-2011]

Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western success inspired a wave of Italian composers to feast on his atmospherically dusty plate of flutes, guitars and clip-clop percussion that signaled the music of their country’s unique film genre, a wave that included Luis Bacalov (Django), Bruno Nicolai (100,000 Dollars for Ringo) and Stelvio Cipriani (Blindman). But Nico Fidenco was as mysterious to me as a Man With No Name, until he came riding into town with Italo soundtrack specialists Beat Records, who’ve now released Fidenco’s thoroughly fun score to 1973’s Those  Dirty Dogs, a movie with six-shooters and dubbed dialogue to spare. The usual Spaghetti instrumental suspects are there in enjoyable spades, all given catchy energy with Fidenco’s offbeat approach, an eccentricity that inflects every sound from rattlesnake percussion to wistful harmonicas, whistling and Mexican fandangos. Like the best Spaghetti scores, DOGS has a memorable, fateful theme whose melody shows up from hooting flute to whip cracks and strumming chords, all winding up to the big, snarling electric guitar showdown. But perhaps the most fun thing about DOGS is hearing its melody sung by star Stephen Boyd. With his deep voice intoning about how you can’t trust a woman (while given the back up of their hey-hey vocalese), this OSCAR star actually proves he isn’t just some American gringo with a golden throat, getting across a song-spoken delivery that Shatner would admire.

1. The Wind in My Face (02:53)
lyrics and sung by: Stephen Boyd
2. Pistola alla gola (01:55)
3. Arriva lui (01:35)
4. Ossessione continua (03:31)
5. I fuochi di notte (02:32)
6. La corda al collo (02:38)
7. Ohi Mariquilla (01:48)
8. Spiando il nemico (03:03)
9. Arrivano i quattro (02:12)
10. Ohi Mariquilla (02:41)
vocal version
11. Nel canyon (01:47)
12. L'irraggiungibile (01:44)
13. La lunga carovana (03:15)
14. Campa carogna (02:37)


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