Monday, October 24, 2011

Fright Night Soundtrack [1983-2011]

The score from Columbia Pictures' darkly humorous horror film Fright Night (1985) proved challenging to release: the master elements were initially missing. Now, 26 years after its initial release, Intrada presents Brad Fiedel's long-awaited score. After much additional searching, Sony was able to locate a single ¼” 15 ips two-track scoring session master containing approximately 16 minutes of music. Further search led to a DAT transfer of the ¼” 7 ½ ips two-track stereo safeties of the remaining cues. With these two finds, Intrada was able to proceed on a release of Brad Fiedel's score.

Fright Night tells the tale of a Charlie, a teenage boy who enlists the help of TV host Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowlel) in a real-life battle with the undead, featuring a horror homage that would become its own trendsetter -- pitting the duo against a ladykilling, Yuppie bloodsucker who just moved in next-door. Fiedel responded with a score that was both state-of-the-art and old school -- imbuing the hip villain with the stuff of supernatural legend. But while Fiedel tracked the story from a humorous beginning to an unexpectedly shocking climax, Fright Night’s experimental jolts were also firmly bound by the same melodic laws of a classic Hammer film, filled with themes and motifs that paint The Vampire as an eternal creature of seduction.The main theme introduces Jerry Dandridge with a swaying, hypnotic rhythm, enticing Charlie to peep on his neighbor, and the beautiful call girl he’s undressing. It’s a sensual build worthy of a rock god and his conquest.

Because of differences between the above-mentioned master reel and 1/4" safeties, Intrada presents all 16 minutes of the score from the high quality session master as a single track to start the CD. All of the individual tracks that make up that track also appear in the subsequent score presentation, allowing listeners to finally enjoy Brad Fidel's long overdue score.

01 Fright Night (Medley) [15:29]
02 Window Watching [02:00]
03 Jerry Takes Off [01:46]
04 Drive To Evil And Bat Attack [02:08]
05 Charlie's Cathedral, Charmed And Alley Bat [05:29]
06 Evil Visitor [01:44]
07 Charlie Begs For Help And Come To Me (Seduction Scene) [04:40]
08 Vampire Killers And Your Dinner's In The Oven [09:44]
09 Jerry's Time Is Up [07:28]
10 The Basement [05:21]
11 You're So Cool Brewster And Come To Me [05:46]


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