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The Cape Soundtrack [2011]

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The Cape was not a very well-received show when it aired on NBC in January and February of 2011. In fact, it was so widely panned by audiences that only 9 episodes made it to TV before the show was cancelled. Despite the show’s general failure, however, the producers did make at least one excellent decision when they hired Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Eureka) to compose the show’s background score. The plot of The Cape revolves around the character of Vince Faraday (played by David Lyons), a cop who is framed for murder. Everyone thinks he is dead, however, so he takes on the superhero identity of his son’s favorite comic book character, The Cape, and goes around trying to clear his name and fight the bad guys. How well he manages to do this is open to interpretation, but there is no question that McCreary has managed to create a high-quality cinematic score to accompany all the action.

Track Listing

CD 1:
1. Main Title (0:49)
2. A New Day from “Pilot” (3:01)
3. The Death of Vince Faraday from “Pilot” (4:18)
4. The Carnival of Crime from “Pilot” (4:09)
5. The Greatest Circus Act That Ever Lived from “Pilot” (6:31)
6. The Faraday Family from “Pilot” (2:00)
7. Confronting Chess from “Pilot” (6:16)
8. Gregor Molotov from “Pilot” (2:59)
9. Asylum Fight from “The Lich, Part 2″ (1:00)
10. Orwell’s Dream from “The Lich, Part 2″ (2:15)
11. Waltz for Raia from “Kozmo” (1:59)
12. Rube Goldberg Death Machine from “Dice” (3:19)
13. Scales in the Cage from “Scales on a Train” (1:53)
14. Cain from “Tarot” (2:51)
15. Scales from “Pilot” (1:49)
16. Unnatural Things from “Kozmo” (7:04)
17. Young Tracy from “Dice” (2:58)
18. Kitchen Battle from “Tarot” (4:46)
19. Casino Attach from “Dice” (2:27)
20. Justice Takes Time from “Kozmo” (3:42)
21. The Lich from “The Lich, Part 2″ (3:30)
22. The Telepath Strikes from “Dice” (4:12)
23. Gregor the Great’s Carnival of Fear from “Kozmo” (5:55)

CD 2:
1. Let’s Just Pretend from “The Lich, Part 2″ (4:24)
2. Sewing the Mask from “Tarot” (4:39)
3. Runaway Train from “Scales on a Train” (3:15)
4. Ghosts of Palm City from “The Lich, Part 1″ (5:43)
5. Highwire Training from “Dice” (2:58)
6. Faradays Are Fighters from “Tarot” (3:40)
7. Concerto for Tuba and Goggles from “Goggles and Hicks” (3:14)
8. Attack of the Bumblebees from “Goggles and Hicks” (2:15)
9. Opposite Sides from “Scales on a Train” (2:18)
10. Two Weddings from “The Lich, Part 2″ (4:11)
11. Brazil Nuts from “Scales on a Train” (4:47)
12. Kozmo from “Kozmo” (2:41)
13. Orwell’s Recovery from “The Lich, Part 2″ (1:48)
14. Scales Goes Rogue from “Scales on a Train” (4:54)
15. Rescuing Orwell from “The Lich, Part 2″ (3:20)
16. The Cape Keeps Watch from “Tarot” (0:47)
17. Jerry from “Goggles and Hicks” (1:44)
18. Outsmarting the Assassins from “Goggles and Hicks” (1:34)
19. Trolley Park Amusements from “Tarot” and “Scales on a Train” (2:27)
20. Palm Reading from “Dice” and “Kozmo” (2:27)
21. Portrait in Courage from “Tarot” (1:53)
22. The Dead Will Rise from “The Lich, Part 1″ (6:21)
23. Out the Window from “Tarot” (2:36)
24. No Journey Too Far from “Scales on a Train” (2:05)
25. ARK Corporation Theme Song from “Pilot” (1:07)
26. Homeless Blues from “Kozmo” (1:10)

Enjoy with FLAC if you like.

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