Thursday, October 20, 2011

Iris Cirque Du Soleil Soundtrack [2011]

This new production from Cirque du Soleil is a lyrical, fanciful, kinetic foray into the seventh art. Bringing together dance, acrobatics, live video, filmed sequences and animation, the show takes spectators on a fantastic voyage through the history of cinema and its genres, taking them into the heart of the movie-making process. From illustration to animation, black and white to colour, silent films to talkies, fixed shots to swooping camera movements, spectators witness the poetic construction/deconstruction of this art as an object and as a way of transcending reality.

Iris is directed by French director-choreographer Philippe Decouflé. The show takes a unique look at the history of cinema and combining that with Cirque du Soleil's traditional artistic works of dance, acrobatics, and modern circus traditions. The name of the show, Iris, is taken directly from both camera diaphragms as well as the colored iris of the human eye. Music composed by Danny Elfman. 

01. Buster's Big Opening [04:56]
02. The Twins [05:02]
03. Kiriki Film [01:35]
04. Kiriki [05:32]
05. Silent Movie [01:00]
06. Patterns [04:59]
07. Clown Special Effects [01:58]
08. Pellicule - Part I and II [06:29]
09. Snake Woman [04:25]
10. Movie Studio [07:10]
11. The Broom [01:23]
12. Flying Scarlett [04:40]
13. Old Toys [00:51]
14. Film Noir - Pursuit [03:38]
15. Rooftops [04:57]
16. Scarlett Balancing [05:14]
17. IRIS Finale and Bows [04:55]


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