Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Flowers of War Soundtrack [2011]

Inspired by true life events, ’The Flowers of War’ tells a genuine story of hope and sacrifice. Set in 1937, Nanking stands at the forefront of a war between China and Japan. As the invading Japanese Imperial Army overruns China’s capital city, desperate civilians seek refuge behind the nominally protective walls of a western cathedral. Here, John Haufman (Christian Bale), an American trapped amidst the chaos of battle and the ensuing occupation takes shelter, joined by a group of innocent schoolgirls and thirteen courtesans, equally determined to escape the horrors taking place outside the church walls. Struggling to survive the violence and persecution wrought by the Japanese army, it is an act of heroism which eventually leads the seemingly disparate group to fight back, risking their lives for the sake of everyone. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, fate always has a way of bringing the most unlikely heroes together.
Flowers of War directed by Yimou Zhang (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) stars Christian Bale, Ni Ni and Tong Dawei. The movie has been selected as China’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film and has also recently received a Golden Globe nomination. The drama opened in select cities last week and is expected to expand over the next couple of weeks.
Sony Classical has released a soundtrack album for the historical drama The Flowers of War (Jin líng shí san chai). The album includes the original music from the movie composed by Qigang Chen. The score features violinist Joshua Bell as a soloist. The soundtrack is now available digitally on Amazon. No word yet on a domestic physical release, but the CD version is scheduled for a January 17, 2012 release overseas and is available as as an import on Amazon.

Track listing
01. Love Theme I (Opening Credit)
02. Qin Huai Legend I (Falling in Love)
03. Redemption II (Tragedy in the Church)
04. Qin Huai Legend V (Parting Exhortation)
05. They are at Peace I (Death of Commander Li)
06. Qin Huai Legend II (Blood-Stained Strings)
07. Love Theme II (State of Mind)
08. Redemption V (Tragedy in the Church – Material 1)
09. Angels We Have Heard on High
10. Comfort and Hope I (Tragedy in the Church – Alternative Version 2 )
11. Redemption III (Alternative Version)
12. Virgin (Alternative Version)
13. Requiem and Redemption (Commander Li and the Children)
14. Qin Huai Legend VII (Geishas’ Chorus)
15. Ruins (Alternative Version)
16. They Are at Peace II (Brutality)
17. Love Theme III (Descent from Heaven)
18. Comfort and Hope II (Opening Credit – Alternative Version)
19. Heavenly Voice I (John and the Children’s dialogue)
20. Qin Huai Legend III (Entering the Gate)
21. Qin Huai Legend VI (Sisterhood)
22. Love Theme V (Parting – Alternative Version)
23. Heavenly Voice II (Alternative Version)
24. Qin Huai Legend IV (End Credit Chorus)
25. Comfort and Hope III (Running Towards Light)
26. Love Theme IV (End Credit)


If you like to listen to trailer music check the track after the jump. Happy New Year my friends.


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