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SPACE Above and Beyond Soundtrack [1995, 1996, 2011]

Presenting the world premiere official release of renowned composer Shirley Walker's (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, THE FLASH, FINAL DESTINATION) original score to the 20th Century Fox television series SPACE ABOVE AND BEYOND. Having rightfully earned a devoted cult following since its one and only 1995-1996 season, this landmark sci-fi action/drama's influence can be seen on such properties as the feature film STARSHIP TROOPERS and the acclaimed BATTLESTAR GALACTICA reboot. Much of this series' emotional and visceral impact is due to the full-blooded orchestral score Walker expertly fashioned to propel both the plot's wartime action and all of its intense psychological drama. If you appreciate Walker's work on BATMAN, THE FLASH, MYSTERY MEN and the like, this knockout 3-CD SET is for you! Produced by Mike Joffe and Nick Redman and mastered by Daniel Hersch at D2 Mastering this special release is limited to 3000 Units.

Disc 1 

Speech Thru Alien  3:14
Hawkes Runs From Hoods  1:06
Hoods Hang Hawkes  1:16
One Of You Must Stay  1:53
Nathan And Kylen Say Goodbye  5:01
Bus To Angry Angels  0:39
Kylen Reads Letter/Colonist Massacre/
Training Exercise  3:07
Call To War  2:22
Ordered To Mars  1:36
West's Porthole To Mars  0:43
Marines March On Mars  0:22
Alien Crash Site Battle  2:56
Marines Capture Alien/
Captured Alien Dies  2:20
Laid To Rest/Advice For Leave  2:00
Hawkes Dialog At Plane  0:39
Hawkes At Pags' Grave  2:35
Battle Preparations/Casualties  1:23
Flight To SS Saratoga  4:03
Hidden Among Asteroids  3:02
The Big Battle  4:30
West's Prose Poem  1:15
Hawkes At Pags' Grave/
Battle Preparations/Casualties (Album Version)  3:08
Flight To SS Saratoga/Hidden Among Asteroids
(Album Version)  4:08
The Big Battle (Album Version)  3:43
The Farthest Man From Home
Farthest Man From Home  2:40
West Goes AWOL  2:35
Extraction  2:09
3S02 - The Dark Side Of The Sun

Shane's Nightmare  2:37
Playing Blackjack  1:00
Shane Fights A.I./Shane Subdues A.I.  1:41
Shane Kills A.I./Shane Rappels & Attacks  2:26
Shane To The Rescue/Shane Downs Spaceship  4:12
Total Time, Disc 1: 77:15

Disc 2

(Version 1)  0:33
3S03 - Mutiny
Hawkes Jogs  3:29
Hawkes Has A Sister In 46  0:49
Mutiny Begins  0:59
Missile Attack  1:19
Hawkes Visits Sister  3:42
3S04 - Ray Butts

Mystery Hammerhead Dock  1:48
Butts Commands The 58th  1:53
From Planet To Black Hole  1:50
Into The Black Hole  1:50
Butts' Death/Pancakes In Space  1:48
3S05 - Eyes

Orbital Opening 0:42
Neck Navel/Chaput's Arrival  2:45
The Bomb  1:54
West And Cserko/Witch Hunters  2:08
Backup Activated  3:19
West Wants Truth  1:31
3S07 - Hostile Visit

Time To Start  1:52
58th Kamikaze  2:01
Let's Make It Happen  2:15
3S09 - Stay With The Dead

Space Triage  0:31
West Clings To Life  1:00
McQueen's The Problem  2:13
The Blue Goo  1:30
Blue Goo Tank  0:43
3S10 - The River Of Stars

Dead Radio  0:39
Sitting Ducks  1:05
Gift Giving  0:37
Nathan's Present  2:59
Message From Apollo VIII  1:40
Comet Approach  1:07
Faith  4:53
Prepare For The Burn  2:37
Hitch A Ride On A Comet  1:57
Wang Returns Necklace  1:33
3S11 - Who Monitors The Birds?

Whore Of Death/Departure/
Who Monitors You?/Time To Be Erased/
The Truce/Cooper's Soul  9:15
3S16 - Dear Earth

Dear Ann  2:44
Total Time, Disc 2: 76:44

Disc 3

(Version 2)  0:52
3S13 - Never No More
Classified Mission  2:47
Do The Right Thing  0:49
Mission Of The 35th  2:45
Welcome Aboard/58th To The Rescue  1:52
Aftermath  1:45
3S14 - The Angriest Angel

Sewell's Arrival  1:40
Sewell's Fuel  2:14
McQueen's Room  0:59
Schrader's Mission/So Long, Winslow  1:18
Battle Plan  1:42
Duty Calls  1:16
Headed Home  2:28
3S15 - Toy Soldiers

Memories/Remembering The Past  1:35
Welcome To Mars  0:48
Approach Tower  2:04
Position Compromised/Jets Away/
The Baptism  1:33
Coming To Get You  2:18
Men In Dark Times/Hold Our Position  1:38
The Rescue  2:18
3S17 - Pearly 

Consequences  2:38
3S20 - Sugar Dirt 

The Last Supper/Nineteen Hundred Hours  3:51
And If They Lay Us 
Down To Rest

. Creation 2:06
Approaching Anvil, Part 1  1:38
Approaching Anvil, Part 2  1:41
The Hunt  2:56
Why Kill It?  1:47
Dark Hearts  1:09
Act Of Kindness  1:34
Peace/Arrival  3:12
...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best

Peace Talks Incident  2:17
Deal The Wild Cards  2:44
West Finds Kylen  2:00
Bring Them Home  1:25
Fatal Hit  2:03
Wang's Choice  1:38
Nathan And Kylen, Part 1  3:26
Nathan And Kylen, Part 2  0:27

Shirley Demos The Main Title  2:24
Bumpers Suite  1:46
Total Time, Disc 3: 78:01


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