Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Core Soundtrack [2003-2011]

For Chrisopher Young's score to the 2003 Paramount film The Core, Young employed approximately 120 orchestral musicians and over 40 choir members to perform and record this massive work. It is a score of epic proportions, constructed of brazenly sumptuous orchestrations utilizing triplicate woodwinds doubling on piccolos, alto flutes, English horn, contrabass clarinet, and contrabassoon; eight horns, four trumpets, five trombones, a tuba, two harps, two pianos, a massive percussion battery; and strings. As Young recalls, “We recorded the score at Paramount. When I stepped out onto the stage I could see the orchestra was electrified by the music. There were at least a handful of cues where I could sense a few, ‘wows!’ amongst the group. They’re not easy to please, so seeing these musicians react so favorably was a major thrill for me.”

The Intrada Special Collection release, produced with special cooperation from the American Federation of Musicians, marks the premiere commercial release of the score in thundering stereo sound.

The film details a nightmare scenario resulting from the cataclysmic disruption of the earth’s core, and event that disrupts the uniform spinning of the earth’s core which generates the magnetic field encompassing the planet. When the equilibrium of the revolving mass is thrown into disarray, the magnetic field is compromised—thus exposing the earth to the ultra-violent forces of the universe. In order to remedy the situation, two maverick scientists propose drilling into the earth’s core utilizing a superhard crystalline substance on board a subterranean vehicle to reach the earth's core and restart it with nuclear explosions.

01. The Core [03:00]
02. Resurrection In Descent [06:04]
03. In Drucke Ick Moet Sterven [05:13]
04. Origami Lava [07:10]
05. A Terror Toccata [03:04]
06. Tactile Shifts [05:55]
07. Project Destiny [05:40]
08. Moved To The Core [02:27]
09. Virgil T. [03:36]
10. Mantle Passage [04:34]
11. Cor Cordium [04:52]

01. Liberte [03:23]
02. Diamonds Are Forever [03:16]
03. Saknusemm [07:15]
04. Interred Servants [04:23]
05. Mundus Subterraneous [04:25]
06. No Left Turns [05:06]
07. Unobtanium [06:26]
08. Clouds Imagined [04:44]
09. Stellar Phrenology [04:12]
10. The Terranaut March [05:44]


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