Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Curse of the Pink Panther Soundtrack [1983-2010]

The music shows off Mancini’s continued versatility in a changing film music landscape. (The series, and its scores, had already embraced genres from cocktail jazz to disco!) The main title, of course, incorporates the famous “Pink Panther Theme” but also takes some melodic detours with synths emulating computer sounds, squarely placing it in its era. (The end title variation offers some swinging brass and even an electric guitar turn!) The clarinet-driven “Clifton Sleigh Theme” is slyly insinuating and a worthy successor to “The Inspector Clouseau Theme;” it shows off the composer’s gift for creating melodic themes that both accompany the images on screen and are evocative of those images to a casual listener. Sleigh’s motif is reprised in such tracks as “Museum Clouseau” and “Arrival at Liton’s [sic] Chateau.” Some of Victor/Victoria’s French atmosphere is evoked in cues such as the smoky “On a Terrace with a Doll I” and the jaunty “On a Terrace with Doll II”, both to good effect. And Mancini reminds one of his prowess at suspense, via cues like “Street Fighters.”

Only 1000 copies were out this time.


01. Main Title (05:13)
02. Operation Paragon (01:17)
03. Sabotage (01:06)
04. Looking for a New Clouseau (00:46)
05. Clifton Sleigh Theme (03:38)
06. Mafia Lunch (01:04)
07. Airport Attempts (00:59)
08. Museum Clouseau (02:52)
09. The Mechanic Dog (00:14)
10. Arrival at Liton's Chateau (01:15)
11. Car Chase (00:35)
12. On A Terrace with a Doll I (03:12)
13. On A Terrace with a Doll II (03:07)
14. Piano Source (01:54)
15. Mr.Chong (01:06)
16. Arrival in Valencia (03:46)
17. Las Fallas I (02:17)
18. Las Fallas II (01:54)
19. Café Olé (03:26)
20. Street Fighters (01:49)
21. Something For Clifton (04:13)
22. Up in the Air (02:13)
23. End Titles (03:54)
24. Main Title (Alternate) (05:12)
25. Operation Paragon (Alternate) (01:16)
26. Arrival in Valencia (Instrumental) (02:30)
27. Café Olé (Alternate) (02:46)
28. Bullfight (00:38)
Tracks 24-28 - Bonus Tracks


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