Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Now Soundtrack [2010]

Six years before Italian composer Dario Marianelli wrote his Academy Award-winning score for Joe Wright’s Atonement, he composed the score for a little-known British dark comedy entitled Happy Now.

As a new entry in MovieScore Media’s ‘Discovery Collection’ (where the same composer’s I Capture the Castle was previously released) brings to you one of Marianelli’s most quirky and entertaining scores – a wonderfully charming orchestral score which in many ways foreshadows his score for Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm, which came for years later. This music – crowned by a very nice and memorable main theme and performed beautifully by the Munich Symphony Orchestra - has never before been released in any format.

Wolrd premiere release of Marianelli’s score is a must-have for fans of this wonderful composer!

Track titles:
1 The Strange Land 1.33
2 Locked Away 2.07
3 Near Miss 1.43
4 Derangement 2.24
5 Execution 1.34
6 The Rock 4.04
7 The Scream 1.39
8 Hommage to David Rose 2.19
9 It's a Camaleon's Life 1.05
10 Bonanzaland 2.08
11 On the Chase 3.20
12 Can't Be Her... 2.44
13 Who's the Bullet For? 1.38
14 Photos 1.04
15 Glen Loses It 0.49
16 Wild West Wales 3.50
17 Happy Now 4.52


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