Thursday, December 16, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife (iTunes Deluxe Version) [2010]

101215065811837085 Tomandandy Resident Evil Afterlife iTunes Deluxe Version

This is the fourth installment in the worldwide famous Resident Evil franchise. Sony Screen Gems is releasing the film in the US in 3D on September 10 nationwide. This action packed film stars Milla Jovovich in the role of Alice, the heroin who continues on her journey to find survivors in a world ravaged by an infection and to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation. The film features an exciting score by producing duo, Tomandandy (Killing Zoe, The Strangers….).

Track List:
01. Tokyo
02. Umbrella
03. Damage
04. Cutting
05. Twins
06. Exit
07. Far
08. Flying
09. Memory
10. Los Angeles
12. Prison
13. Discovery
14. Hatchet
15. AxeMan
16. Arcadia
17. Up
18. Party
19. Promise
20. Resident Evil Suite
21. Rooftop
22. Tokyo (CruciA Remix)
23. Tokyo (Phil Jelley Remix)
24. AxeMan (Hani Remix)
25. AxeMan (Poll a Rock Remix)
Digital Booklet – Resident Evil – Afterlife (Deluxe Version)


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