Monday, December 27, 2010

Rome Adventure Soundtrack [1962]

Rome Adventure, also known as Lovers Must Learn, is a 1962 romantic drama film, based on Irving Fineman's novel
A New England schoolteacher, Prudence Bell, Suzanne Pleshette decides to take off for Italy. Prudence has recommended a book to one of her students that has drawn the ire of the school board and she resigns one step ahead of being fired. She defends the book "Lovers Must Learn" and tells the prudish board that she's going to Rome where she will be surrounded by people who really know the meaning of love. She sails from New York to Italy and at the rail she accidentally picks the wrong man she was standing near as a protective consort. This all gets resolved via telegrams and gives us two potential romantic interests before even leaving. Albert Stillwell, a student of Etruscan history is a perfect gentlemen and scout, while Rossano Brazzi, playing Roberto Orlandi who is the perfect Roman lover, mature, romantic, poetic, and always interested.

Once in Rome, Prudence checks into her boarding home and meets a self centered American architect, Don Porter, Troy Donahue, who is running away from/to the love of his life, Lyda Kent( Angie Dickinson ) a controlling, manipulative bombshell of a woman tied up in her own love storms. Prudence needs a job and gets a tip during dinner that first night in Rome, an English speaking job in an American Book Shop near one of Rome's famous fountains. Bright and early the next morning she lands a perfect job with the bookstore owner, Constance Ford and her large, loud, fuzzy sheep dog. Their first meeting and friendly banter is a terrific lead into their characters and their budding friendship.

The plot thickens as Prudence takes an Italian language course on her record player which sets off a yelling match between her and Don, who isn't a bit interested in her, yet. Don is a close confidant with Roberto and has several discussions about his relationship with Lyda and it's impending implosion. As it falters, Prudence becomes a rebound candidate and handles his interest with aplomb. The two take a trip around Rome in horse drawn carts, his red Vespa scooter, while seeing much of Rome in a great travel log and romantic journey. While at dinner looking over the entire City of Rome, Don buys a chandelier from a peddler that serves as a symbol of their new friendship. At dinner, Emilio Pericoli sings the wonderful song "Al Di Là", his Italian version that rose to number 6 following the movies release in '62.

Lyda and Prudence meet at a stuffy dinner, the visual daggers are shared as each shows the other who's territory Don Porter belongs in. Albert floats through several scenes and is always the clueless, nerdy student with just the right timing to diffuse any situation, unbeknown to him.

Summer holidays, August escapes arrive, the book store closes and Don and Prudence sneak out of town on a train to Lago Maggiore in northern Italy for a wonderful, innocent and beautiful tour of the garden spots of northern Italy, the Italian alps with "Al Di Là" playing over the lift speakers, Verona and its famous Romeo and Juliet balcony, it's market place where the plot thickens. Prudence runs into friends, and makes a mad dash with her Romeo Don out of the market and eventually back to Rome. A time well spent, relationships cemented rock solid and a good time had by all.

Back in Rome, Lyda has gotten herself into more trouble and has urgent needs to see Don who by now knows he has to break off his relationship with her. Don is summoned to a villa where Lyda plays cat and mouse about the fact that she has married a possessive rich old man and needs Don to free her from her palatial prison. Don finally comes to his senses and heads back to Rome, but Prudence is convinced that Dan wants to be with Lyda and makes her plans to leave Rome and return to the States. The process turns into a chaotic goodbye scene in the train station between Prudence and all her friends she's made while in Rome.

She sails back to New York City, and while waiting at the ships rail sees her parents, waves and begins to disembark. While stepping down she sees a chandelier weaving its way through the crowd and behind her family. Her heart leaps as she passes the family and slides into the arms of Don Porter her prize from her Rome Adventure. The end.

01. Rome Adventure
02. Lovers Must Learn
03. Tarantella
04. Al di la
05. Serenade
06. Prudence
07. Rome Adventure II
08. Oh Marie
09. Matinatta
10. Arrivederci Rome
11. Come Back To Sorrento
12. Santa Lucia
13. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu)



  1. I haven't seen this movie but I've heard it is great. Thanks for sharing with us these video and regards from Hotel Cavalieri


  3. The movie is a kind of teen-puppy love type but the musical scores are fantastic!


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