Monday, December 6, 2010

Sans Laisser De Traces Soundtrack [2010]

Étienne Meunier (Benoît Magimel) is a young executive who has everything going for him. His career is skyrocketing and he is about to become #1 at work, he is married to a picture-perfect wife, has a dream home and money. To top it off, he's charming, healthy and everyone likes him and seems to consider him "a great guy". But beneath the surface, not everything is perfect. Meunier feels some pressure at work, knowing others eye his future position and he and his wife have been unable to have children so far. One day, Meunier bumps into a childhood friend, Patrick Chambon (François-Xavier Demaison) and the two resume their friendship, despite Chambon having struggled as a petty criminal. With mounting pressure on him, Meunier confides to Chambon the secret of his success. He built his career on a lie, stealing a soap formula from someone and can't get over it. His long lost friend tries to help but sets off a chain of events that threatens everything Meunier holds dear

Track list
01. Generique (02:11)
02. Clemence (00:48)
03. Bad Dream (02:32)
04. Confessions (03:34)
05. Le Meurtre (03:01)
06. Apres Le Meurtre (01:12)
07. Le Bureau (01:14)
08. Patrick & Brown (01:03)
09. Douche (00:51)
10. Patrick S'invite (01:51)
11. Fleur (00:42)
12. Stabat Mater, RV 621 (Extrait) [Composed by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by Tracy Smith Bessette, Marion Newman, Aradia Ensemble, Kevin Mallon] (03:25)
13. Le Toit (02:07)
14. Le Restaurant / La Garconniere (02:15)
15. Clemence Est Enceinte / Richie Brown (01:31)
16. Le Fax (00:55)
17. Clemence S'en Va (01:16)
18. Prison (02:00)
19. Ventes (01:01)
20. Patrick Veut S'evader (01:09)
21. Petit-Dejeuner (02:22)
22. Chase (01:18)
23. Mort De Patrick (02:06)
24. La lettre / Clemence (03:03)
25. Generique De Fin (Version Alternative) (05:32)


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